You make these mistakes when you straighten your hair

The hair straightener, our lifesaver. On a bad hair day, the hair straightener brings shine in your life. Super style hair, the hair trend from the zero that now is back and here look at why. And because you now want to get back to work with your straightener, we have put a number of common mistakes for you in a row. Under the motto (damaged hair) prevention is better than cure!


Can you quickly get the straightener through your hair? Then the heat protection products will be a part of it. But this is the most important thing because otherwise, you will damage your hair. Always use a heat protective product before you start using the straightener.


No, you really should not steal your hair if it is still wet! Not even if it is damp. Here you can damage your hair very much. Do you hear a hissing sound during the steep, then your hair is still too humid and you really have to wait?


Getting your whole hair smooth becomes much easier if you divide your hair into different parts. Straighten the bottom first and turn your upper hair into a tight knot. Then you steep the second part. Always pick thin hair.


Do you often put your hair straightener out of comfort at the highest level? If you have thin, damaged or colored hair, you can better lower the temperature of your hair straightener. Your hair will thank you later!


When did you last clean your flat iron? Have you ever done that at all? Your hair straightener must also be cleaned. Quite logical when you think of all hair products and the dust that goes down on your hair straightener. You simply clean your hair straightener with a cotton ball and alcohol.

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