Why use the serum for hair

The serum has become a regular in our beauty routines, both for the skin and for the hair. This product that at first was used very little has made a hole in our lives thanks to the fact that we find cosmetics of this type with an infinite number of properties and adapted to each problem or type of hair.

The hair serum will be a great ally when it comes to taking care of our hair to the fullest. From hair, serum to improve the state of the hair that grows up to serum to untangle, give strength,, or provide shine. Each type of hair is suitable for a different type of serum, but there is one for all needs.

What is the hair serum?

The hair serum is a cosmetic product with concentrated assets that act on some of the needs of our hair. The serum is used on wet hair and left to act without rinsing, which allows us to see its effects. They can be worn on a daily basis and have become the norm in many of the daily beauty routines. They can be found in different formats, from liquid to light creams, do not forget that with the serum there is no rinse. This type of serum can be combined with other hair products that we use on a regular basis such as conditioner, combing waxes, or conditioners without rinsing, although there are occasions when the serum fulfills those same functions.

How to use the serum

the serum

Normally all products have instructions for use that is best to use. In the case of serum what matters is quality, so we should not exceed the quantity. The more there are no better effects. Also keep in mind that the formats are usually small, because it is a concentrated product. Sometimes with a few drops will be more than enough. If it is a serum that acts on the scalp it can be applied with a massage and then comb wet hair. If it is only to soften the tips and repair them should be used from the middle of the hair to avoid greasing the root. There are some serums that can be used on dry hair, especially if they are used to soften the frizz and repair the tips.

What hair serum to choose

Each person has different hair. You must first analyze what the needs of your hair or scalp may be. If you have dryness on the scalp or hair falls you can try serums that help to mitigate the fall and strengthen from the root. The signature shampoo has a soothing serum for the scalp that has irritations. Keep in mind that the problems that affect the scalp end up translating into weaker and worse looking hair, so you also have to know how to see this type of thing to act accordingly.

Another one of the most used serums is the one that takes care of and repairs the tips. This is one of the most neglected areas in the manes because it is an area that suffers a lot. If we notice dry hair it is time to act to prevent the ends from opening or breaking the hair due to dryness and fragility. Signatures quite affordable as Pantene or Yves Rocher offer us some economic serum to be used daily at the tips. We must look at the composition and avoid those that are too heavy if our hair is thin or has a tendency to grease.

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