Why hair curls

Why does hair curls? It is one of the most frequent questions. More than anything because the vast majority suffer from this problem. It seems that we leave the house with perfectly combed hair, but it is only an illusion because we quickly see how frizzy seizes him.

We know that it is something common, but this does not mean that we lose our nerves at times. So, let’s try to understand why this process happens. Maybe so, we can see it from another perspective and do not hate our hair so much at those times. Starting today, you’ll know why your hair is curling!

Why hair curls, the most common causes

Let’s go straight to the point. The most common causes for which our hair curls are varied.

  • Humidity: It is one of the worst enemies we can not find. Humidity, as well as changes in temperature, will make our hair curl. When the hair comes in contact with the more humid air, the volume of it will increase and it is the effect that we see. The most extreme temperatures are big enemies of the hair.
  • Lacks hydration: Our hair must always be full of hydration. Otherwise, it will leave us some signs that are easily recognizable. One of them is the lack of shine, silky appearance and of course, frizz. The masks are the best allies to combat this process.
  • Chemical products: We love making changes in look. But this involves certain ingredients that will make our hair suffer. Dyes or straightness are some of them. More than anything because they are responsible for opening the hair cuticle, causing this effect.
  • Unbalanced feeding: It is also the food that has an important factor. Remember that every day you should eat as many vitamins as proteins and minerals. Leaving a little aside sugars or fats.
  • Abusing heat: Dryers and irons are also other factors to consider. When every day that we wash our hair, we dry it with them, then we will encourage it to dry out more and leave us a frizzy finish. It is the heat that is responsible for all this.

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Although there are many people who think that, of all these causes, the most important one is still the lack of hydration. If we control this, we can look a hair with more life and silkier than we think.

How to fight the effect of frizz or frizz

Now that we know its causes, nothing like talking about solutions. Only then, we will be able to face this problem. In each wash, it is best to use a mild shampoo that is moisturizing. Since this way, we will begin to take care of the hair by the roots. Remember to use water that is not too hot. It is always better tempered and to finish, a little cold water, which will seal the follicles.

We will have to do the same with the conditioner. It is best to opt for a specific one that deals with our problem. Once a week, you can not forget about the mask. Let it act as long as possible, because that way, your hair will surely thank you. When wet, do not rub it against the towel. It is always better to treat it delicately and with a cotton cloth or old shirt.

When you see that the hair is quite dry, apply a little olive oil at the ends. Massage lightly and ready. If you are going to use heat sources such as dryers or irons, remember the protectors. Only this way we will take care of the hair but also we will avoid that it loses its hydration. Always protect yourself from the sun, whether in the form of sprays or caps. Finally, remember to maintain a balanced diet where you can not miss the proteins as well as Omega 3.

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