Who are red hair good for? How to choose the right shade

red hairYou love red hair but you do not know if you are fine? It all depends on your skin undertone and your natural hair color. Here are some practical tips to know which red could give you more

In short, it is called realism, that is, those who have natural red hair, a characteristic as rare as fascinating (it seems that only 1% of the world’s population has them, and are concentrated in England, Ireland, America and Australia). The Egyptians believed that red hair was synonymous with a more aggressive and ferocious character, a belief perpetrated even in the Middle Ages. Then in the Renaissance, the wonderful red-haired women in Tiziano’s paintings, gave the red-haired color a renewed charm, so much that the ” red Titian ” Has become a definition to describe the red hair of the color with which he painted them.

Red is, perceptually, a magnetic, seductive and rare hair color, strongly rooted in an idea of the volitional and sanguine temperament of character.

Is this why many women like to artificially reproduce the power of red on their hair? There are those who feel ” red inside “, and then the impulse to be so outside is unstoppable, but you have to do it with criteria, not to slip on a banana peel, because this color all in all is not easy to carry!

Meanwhile, since a little ‘bad gossip does not, do you want to know who are the natural reds and the most famous red hues of Hollywood? Look a bit here …

Natural redheads: Julianne Moore, Jessica Chastain, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams (she only intensified the red compared to her), Isla Fischer, Marcia Cross, Susan Sarandon

Redheads: Christina Hendricks, Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Debra Messing, and the legendary Rita Hayworth!

If you want to make yourself red do not underestimate the weighted choice of the right shade for you, there is red and red, and each complexion can bring a certain shade of red rather than another. So what does the choice of red depend on?

Who can wear red hair

The first step to understand which red you can wear is to be aware of your skin undertone: because depending on whether you have a warm or cold undertone, you can choose a shade of warm red or a colder shade. Try to think of natural reds, their skin. It is usually a skin that although very clear, is slightly golden and has freckles. Their lips are peach-colored, the veins inside the wrist turn green (typical sign of the warm undertone), their eyes are blue, green, topaz or hazel. This tells you that the red hair, in general, harmonizes more on those with a subdued warm skin,  like actresses Julianne Moore and Isla Fisher.

Not only natural reds with light skin have a warm undertone, however. There are also those who appear more “dark”, with olive skin and dark brown hair like the actress Eva Mendes. Or the blond coppery like Nicole Kidman, who in fact when he turns his hair on the blond copper rather than on the blond Nordic, is of enchantment because they are more in harmony with his skin.

From Julianne Moore natural red then, through Nicole Kidman blonde and copper until you get to Eva Mendes olivastra with chocolate-colored hair, these are variants of warm undertones that can very well bring shades of red just as warm,  more or less dark depending on the very light skin or dark skin.

The warm reds: copper red, Titian red, copper brown, copper blonde

The warm red shades are the red copper, the titian red, the Auburn and brown copper, containing shades of red-orange, yellow and gold. Depending on how the skin looks, if very light, medium or dark, and the color of the eyes, will give shades of red more or less intense.

Eva Mendes, who is basically “dark” in both skin and eyes and hair, is enhanced by a dark coppery brown, while Nicole Kidman, clear and ethereal, is enhanced by the blond copper, which respects her ethereal being. Along with the skin undertone, it is important to also base on the natural color of the hair root (and eyebrows), in some cases (especially if you are very dark) it is better not to completely distort it, but work on the lengths.

The apotheosis of the hottest red is that of actress Christina Hendricks, a sort of extremely intense and luminous red “Jessica Rabbit”, which she brings divinely thanks to her diaphanous skin, with freckles all over her body and blue-gray eyes.

Dye red with dark hair or gold undertone

And if you have a cold undertone with brown hair or blond ash? Can you still make yourself read? If you have a cold undertone your skin turns pink (it is not amber or golden!). With very light skin, it is difficult to tan, burns, becoming reddish rather than golden, the veins inside the wrist are purple/blue, your hair can be blond ash, light ash brown to dark, or black.

Now try to imagine a copper or titian red, the maximum of “warmth”, on a person of this type: imagine actress Michelle Pfeiffer red coppery, or Wynona Rider, or even Liv Tyler. Have you felt a movement of disgust? The reason is that these types of women are the opposite of warm shades that donate instead to a Kidman, a Mendes or a Julia Roberts (yes, she also has a warm undertone!), And therefore would not be enhanced by those reds, but instead very penalized!

If you have a cold undertone but with olive skin and dark brown or black hair (like Maria Grazia Cucinotta), the speech is the same, you will be enhanced by shades of cold red, dark and intense.

Cold reds: cherry red, dark mahogany red, purple red

Let’s start with a basic concept of color theory. The basic red color is a warm color. From the more orange nuances (coral) to the intense tomato red, the red as we imagine it, the bright and bright one, is mostly hot.

For “cold” reds, on the other hand, we mean those reds that are not really red, which contain blue. Some examples: fuchsia red, burgundy red, raspberry red, cherry red / black cherry, dark red, up to purple reds. If your skin’s undertones are cold then, the reds you could wear better are these that contain more blue, from dark mahogany pushing you up to purple and plum.

If you are dark brown or black, take inspiration from the red status of Vanessa Hudgens or purple brought by Katy Perry.

On the other hand, if you are the light-haired or fair-haired brunette, it is better to avoid the real red and opt for some pink nuances (which are more on lilac than on orange) as Cara Delevingne does. In this case, too, the advice to keep one’s natural roots is always valid.

Another thing to keep in mind is how your hair will react to color, because one thing is to see them on the palette at the hairdresser or on the stars, and one thing is how it will take that color on your hair. This is why it is important to think first, with an expert hairdresser in color, on the result to be obtained, evaluating whether your hair lends itself or not. Not advised the “do it yourself” with the red, you could find yourself phosphorescent orange or green, which certainly is not what you have in mind when you think “I want to be a fatal red”!

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