When to cut your hair according to the moon

Surely you’ve heard a lot about cut your hair according to the moon. Because it seems that this influences more in your life than you can think. Not everyone thinks so, but just in case, today we will see how beliefs hold these ideas firmly. It seems that the phases of the moon also help us discover if it is time for our hair.

It is true that there is no scientific fact that endorses it but of course, it never hurts to keep thinking and believing in certain traditions. Today you will discover when to cut your hair according to the moon and its phases. Do you want hair with more shine or to grow stronger? Now you will know when the time to get it is.

When to cut the hair according to the new moon

When there is a new moon, we will not see it if we look directly at the sky. More than anything because it will be somewhat hidden between the sun and the earth. Its location perhaps also leaves us as meaning an important fact. Always look in the calendar for the phase of the moon in which we are. Because if you had thought to make a change in your hair it is better that you do not do it. It is said that when the moon is new, we should not cut it. The hair can become more fragile or even, we will begin to lose more of it. Make sure before choosing the scissors!hair according

Fourth crescent phase

If the phase of the moon is crescent, we can cut the hair. If you have not noticed to look at the calendar but you see that almost half of the moon is in the sky, then it is the ideal moment. Hair sanitation is always quite more favorable for a date like this. When you remove the split ends in this phase, it will give you more strength for your hair. In this way, it will make it grow with vitality, which is what we want. Of course, there is still more accurate: It is advised that the cut takes place between 12 noon and 18:00 in the afternoon.

Full moon

When we see as a kind of light enters through the window, we are before the full moon. We will see how the moon is complete and it is the perfect time for a good cut or change of look. If we mentioned before that we could cut off the ends, now you can go a little further and get rid of your hair. It is the perfect phrase for it. When we have damaged hair, it is clear that we need a good fix. So, take advantage of this time because the hair will grow stronger.

Fourth-quarter waning

If you have a lot of hair, that is, a lot of volumes, then this will be your phase to cut it. More than anything because in this phase it will not grow so fast. What will cause the volume to decrease until the hair grows back or has the same nature as before? Of course, in this case, you must make the cut before 12 o’clock in the morning, to ensure the benefit you leave us.

These are the most known phases of the moon and as such, those that supposedly influence the time of our hair. Of course, there are many people who do not believe in this type of influence. To be able to clean the hair, you have to cut it once every month and a half, even if only the tips. Then if it grows faster, with more volume or perhaps a little less, it can depend on many other factors. Still, I’m sure you’re one of those who have tried to follow this rule. Now you know when to cut your hair according to the moon!

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