Wheat germ for hair

The germ of wheat is a product of great quality that offers great benefits, both for our health and for our beauty. The germ of wheat has vitamins, fats, fiber and a large number of minerals, which makes it great food. If we have it at home for this purpose, we must know that it can also be a great ingredient to take care of our hair.

The wheat germ for hair has been used to care for damaged hair, providing softness and strength. To improve its effect it can also be ingested since it has zinc, an essential mineral to have strong hair. We tell you several ways to make a mask with wheat germ for hair.

Properties of wheat germ

The wheat germ is the seed from which a wheat plant will emerge, so it is only a small part of the wheat. This germ has great properties that the grown wheat does not have, so it has become a great food. At the time of ingestion can also be very useful for the hair, since it has a large number of minerals important for this, such as zinc, iron or calcium. In addition, it offers varied vitamins of group B and vitamin E, a great antioxidant. As a nutrient, it can help reduce cholesterol and improve the appearance of nails and hair. However, there are many people who also use it externally for hair or skin.

Wheat germ in the hair

The wheat germ can be used directly on the hair. The way to get it is through wheat germ oil since it is not possible to get flours from this part of the wheat. It is important that the oil be organic wheat to avoid pesticides or products made with transgenic wheat. This information must be seen on the product labels, as well as the possible components of the oil. Sometimes there are oils that are mixed with other cheaper to lower costs, but the effect will not be the same. So we remember the importance of buying from trusted sites and reading labels beforehand.

Mask with coconut oil

The wheat germ oil can be mixed with other oils from which we can also obtain benefits. There are many good oils for hair but lately, there is a lot of talk about coconut oil. If you have dandruff besides damaged hair, the mixture of these two oils can help us a lot. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that will help the scalp recover from these dandruff problems and hydrate. On the other hand, it does not clog pores and leaves hair soft. Wheat germ oil, on the other hand, will help the hair stay stronger and brighter. Remember that coconut oil can solidify at low temperatures and that you have to apply heat with the water bath or with the palms of your hands so that it melts and you can use it.

The mixture of both can be left half an hour in the hair and then remove washing the hair in the usual way. It is important to wash the hair if it is applied in the area of the scalp or we will look greasy.

Mask with wheat germ oil

The wheat germ oil can be used directly, without mixing with oil. Will care and soften our hair and can be applied from the root to the tips. Leave to act and remove by washing gently with a neutral shampoo.

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