What to do so that your hair does not fall out

Soon we will enter the fall, a time when many people suffer from hair loss. There are some things we can do to keep our hair from falling out, although in general, this is a natural process in which hair is renewed to make way for new hair in the season.

The seasonal fall of hair is normal, but we must worry if our hair seems weaker or falls for a long time and at other times of the year. It is very important to take care of the health of the hair throughout the year to avoid major problems.

Take care of your diet

If there is a key to prevent the hair from falling in large quantities it is to take a good diet. Both proteins and vitamins and healthy fats help us to grow strong and healthy hair. Obviously, this is not the only point on which we must focus, because in terms of hair loss there are other causes to be taken into accounts, such as hormonal changes, illness, and stress. In the vast majority of cases, it begins with a focus on food.

Add food supplements

Food supplements can be great allies to strengthen hair. They help us add nutrients that may be lacking in the daily diet and that is fundamental for strong hair. These supplements offer biotin, zinc, and other substances that are very necessary for strong hair.

Visit the doctor

Sometimes we can not stop seeing how the hair falls without finding a solution. That is why it is always good to make a visit to your doctor to rule out dermatological or hormonal problems. Doing a blood test is another way to rule out possible anemia that would also weaken our hair.

Avoid aggressive productsaggressive

If we want to have healthy hair it is essential to avoid products that can be aggressive with it. In this case, it is necessary to avoid the dyes that carry chemicals, especially the discoloration since it breaks the fiber of the hair and weakens it. These treatments spoil the hair a lot, so it is better to avoid them than to regret later for having weak and damaged hair.

Take care of the scalp

The scalp is very linked with hair loss. In many occasions, the hair falls due to problems in the scalp. The pores may be clogged with fat or we may have skin problems that directly affect the hair. In any case, we must make a visit to a dermatologist to check the condition of the scalp. We can also look for remedies to avoid scaling or excessive fat on the scalp.

Move to the natural

Almost all people who have switched to natural products come to the same conclusion. And is that natural products are much more our hair. Avoiding products with silicones and parabens we already help hair to be healthier, but if we also focus on natural products it will be even better. Both the scalp and the hair become stronger and brighter with these products. Today we can find from solid and natural shampoo masks made with homemade products. There are endless possibilities when using natural products.

Avoid stress

Stress is one of the biggest problems when it comes to dealing with hair loss. On many occasions, hair loss is a matter of stress. We must analyze if there are situations that are creating higher stress than usual, in order to avoid them. We must take time to relax and perform activities that help us control it, such as yoga.

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