What hairstyle favors me

Surely you have asked many times. What hairstyle favors me? It is always the eternal question because we have tried several styles and we do not always get what we would like. So, today you are going to leave doubts at last. With examples and the best recommendations.

Because to discover which hairstyle favors me we need to look at some details, especially in the type of face we have. Once we know this, we will be able to benefit from all the styles we have among fashionable hairstyles and letting ourselves be carried away by all their qualities. Discover it!

What hairstyle favors me if I have an oval face?

It has always been said of the oval faces that were one of the most flattering. This indicates that any type of length or hairstyle will bring out the best in us. So, the best thing is to let you be carried away by the styles that come stomping. Above all, for the cuts Bob, who have seen so much and are still watching. A cut of half a mane, with waves, as well as the collected disheveled. If you want loose hair, nothing like leaving it long but also with light waves in the middle to ends part.

Hairstyles for square and round faces

This type of faces usually has quite marked lines, which implies that the forehead will be a little wide, like the part of the jaw. Therefore, hairstyles that favor square faces are layered hair, because these tend to soften the face. As picked up, opt for a high ponytail with a bit of toupee. Also a semi-picked that has a card on the top. The volume in this area is very important; hence the high picks are perfect for you. Forget about the collected or strapped pigtails. But welcome him to leave some longer strands on both sides of his head.

Hairstyles for rectangular or elongated faces

They are very similar; they are that the elongated ones tend to be a little narrower than the rectangular ones. But as hairstyles to both feel things equally. Hence we have to talk about a little volume, as before, but on the sides. We can achieve this with vintage style waves and well for when we want to wear loose hair. Do not give volume at the top, so, you can only opt for the ripples in the part of the mane. You can make yourself collected sideways in the form of pigtails, to continue adding volume to one side of the face. If you are going to leave your hair straight or loose, try that the strands do not cover your face. You can pick them back, shape them with the iron ore, pass them behind the ears. The low picks will be your best allies.

Hairstyles for triangular faces

If we think of an equilateral triangle, we realize that the top point is narrower than the bottom. Well, that’s how our face will be. The forehead narrower than the jaw. For this type of faces, it is best to leave the side bangs and those also collected side. But you can choose to pick up high and leave some strands on both sides of the face, undulating them slightly. It is better to forget the very smooth hair.

Hairstyles for inverted triangle faces

In this case, it is the opposite vision to what we have just seen. The forehead will be wider than the jaw. To wear loose hair, you can leave it smooth and wave or give volume on the part of the tips. For the collected, you will be great both the low and medium height but forget the very high. Of course, the fringes will also help us a lot.

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