waves in hair without heat

How to make waves in hair without heat

waves in hair without heatBecause we really like to change the hairstyle, today we are going to see how we can make waves in the hair without heat. A perfect way to give a new life to our hair without punishing it. We want a hair full of curls but healthy and careful. That is why we do not need any heat source.

There are several methods to make waves in the hair without heat. In addition, they will be just as durable although with that natural point that we like so much. If you are thinking of giving your look a new twist, do not miss all these ways to achieve it. Which of them are you going to opt for first?

Make waves in hair without heat with the braids

If you already have somewhat wavy hair, it will be perfect to mark these curls with braids. Undoubtedly, it is one of the simplest hairstyles to do, so we will not have any complications when it comes to making it.

In this case, it is best to collect the hair in braids, before going to sleep. To do this, you can make several and spread throughout the hair. This ensures that the curls are marked and smaller.

The best thing to achieve the desired effect is that the hair is slightly moist when making the braid. But beware, never wet because otherwise, it would be damaged.curlers

Rolled tufts

Instead of braids, you can pick up the hair in curly strands. First, you have to go taking strands of hair. You will have to screw it on them and then, you will adjust them to the head with hairpins.

The finer the strands you separate, the more curl will be the result. If you only want a few waves, then take thicker strands.

It is a perfect idea for women who do not have too long hair, as we will finish quickly.

Waves with curlers

The curlers are one of the most used accessories. Surely it is not the first time you see your mother or grandmother with them on.

A natural way to bring certain waves to the hair. For this, the procedure is also very simple. We will have to do several hair deals.

We will be screwing each strand into the curl and fasten it with a fork. Depending on the size of these curlers, this will be the marking curl.

Again, it is better to do this procedure with wet hair and let it dry in the open air.

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Soft waves thanks to the dancing bow

In this case, if you want to get smooth waves in your smooth mane, you can also. To do this, you only need two of the simplest.

First, you will collect the hair in a high ponytail. Then, you will screw the ponytail on itself and make the dancer’s bun. Of course, hold it well with forks.

It is best to sleep this way and the next morning, you will get the result you expect.

Headband or hairband

We all know the headbands or hair bands used to decorate the hair while being removed from the face. Well, in this case, they will leave us another new option.

It’s about making waves in the hair without heat. We put the headband, letting it cover part of the forehead.

Now we have to go taking tufts of the mane and move those inwards. So that the mane is fully collected. Hasn’t it been clear to you?

Curls with t-shirt strips

If you have an old shirt, you have new curls in your hair. Yes, even if it seems silly it is not so much. You need to cut the shirt into strips.

In each of these strips, you will be curling a strand of hair. You will hold them well with forks and spend several hours on them. If you can sleep this way, much better.

The next morning, you will have perfect waves that will give you life with your fingers. Which one did you find easier?

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