vitamins to stop hair loss

The best vitamins to prevent hair loss

Let’s find out what are the vitamins to prevent hair loss. Because in this season we all notice that our hair falls out more than necessary. Of course, we may add other aspects to it, such as stress or hormones, which are not easy for us either.

Although in the market we have vitamins to prevent hair loss, today we will provide the most natural possible. A perfect way to combine them with our daily meals. Only in this way, we will be taking care of both our hair and our body. We get to work!

Vitamins to prevent hair loss

Vitamins C, A, E, and B6 are the main vitamins to slow hair loss. But we can not forget about minerals either. All of them will play a great role to be able to have silky hair and healthier than ever.

A perfect way to combine everything necessary to continue respecting the nature of our hair.

So, now that you know what the vitamins to stop hair loss is, you just need to know them little by little and of course, know what foods are in order to make possible combinations in your diet.

Vitamin A for hair

Vitamin A for hair

We start with vitamin A. It is basic to prevent certain problems of the scalp. Avoid problems of dandruff or dry hair that can always be the pioneers of the fall of our hair.

There are many foods that contain vitamin A, so you will not have problems when establishing a list of the most you like. Dairy products like milk or cheese have this vitamin.

As for the vegetables, you will have the carrot, the broccoli, and the spinach. If you are thinking of some fruit, you can find it in melon and apricot, without forgetting chicken or turkey.

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Vitamin E and its crucial role

In this case, we talk about vitamin E. It will be the vitamin that is responsible for carrying the nutrients and antioxidants that will protect the hair. So, we have to consume it so that our hair can be healthier than ever.

Thanks to it, it will reduce breakage as well as split ends. Almonds are a great source of this vitamin. Although chard is not left behind, nor spinach.

Here we also have to mention the avocados that are always a good accompaniment to our healthier dishes.

Vitamin C

We will have collagen production thanks to this vitamin. Without collagen, our hair can end up with quite serious damage.

So, as you well know, a vitamin of this type is found in all citrus fruits as well as orange, lemon, or grapefruit. Also in red peppers, which are essential for a rich salad or meat dish?

The function of B6

If you consume vitamin B6, then you know that the hair follicles have the oxygen necessary to be strong and healthy.

Otherwise, it will be the opposite. But since we do not want this to happen, the best thing is that we do not forget the foods that contain it.

In this case, we can mention the sardines, the salmon, or the tuna, as well as the lentils, bananas, or chickpeas.

Minerals to improve the health of your hair

Minerals also play a leading role. That is why you can not forget about Zinc-rich foods. Among them, you can consume dark chocolate, red meat, or oysters.

On the other hand, foods rich in magnesium such as nuts, apricots, or oats, are also crucial to add your grain of sand to our hair is always perfect.

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