Vinegar for oily hair

Do you have Vinegar for oily hair? Then you will know what we are exposing ourselves to each day. That feeling that the hair is always dirty is something of the most frequent. Therefore, sometimes not washing it every day will achieve the effects we seek. Only in natural remedies will the great solution be.

We have to get carried away by them, try them out and decide if they really are suitable for our oily hair. Undoubtedly, of all of them, the vinegar will do a good job that is well worth mentioning. If you have not used it yet, here are the best steps to carry it out.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Before proceeding to apply it, it is always convenient that we know what are the benefits of such a product in our hair. Because it has several and we must know them. When washing hair, we usually do it with rather hot water. For this step will cause the follicles of the scalp to open slightly and through them pass all the dirt or the remains of the soap. In this way, and before this accumulation of waste, the hair looks dirtier. So, we need vinegar to hydrate this area, seal cuticles and remove grease. Once this step is done, it translates into a healthier hair with much more brightness than we could imagine, since it restores our PH.

How to use vinegar for oily hair

Its way to use is the simplest. The first thing you need is a bottle with spray. Although it may not seem like it, it will make things a lot easier when applying the product. Then, you will mix in it, six drops of apple cider vinegar with 140 milliliters of water. When we have the mix ready, we will start using it.

For this, we should wash our hair as usual. With damp hair, sprinkle the vinegar mixture especially on the part of the scalp, helping with a light massage with the fingertips. Let go only about 3 minutes and rinse the hair to remove the product. If you have very oily hair, you can repeat this process twice a week. Nor is it good to abuse him, since being so effective could even dry our hair too much.

You can also use a mixture of two tablespoons of water with one of vinegar but white in this case. As well as being good for reducing hair grease, it will give us an extra touch of shine. Something that the hair always appreciates since it will look much healthier and with a great body. Remember that if your hair is normal and not greasy, it is better that you only use this remedy once a week.

Tips for using vinegar on hair

When we leave our hair in the hands of such a product, it is always better to make sure that it is an organic vinegar. More than anything because many of them when they say that it is an apple vinegar only have the essence of it and this is not valid for the treatment. Many people are afraid of that smell that can be unpleasant to vinegar. But this one will not stay in your hair all day. Only when the hair is wet will its intensity be felt more. Once it dries, you will see how the smell will have disappeared completely. Vinegar is also used against lice. After washing the hair with shampoo, you can rinse with white vinegar that is warm. It seems that the compounds of it, make the lice are eliminated and even avoids their appearance.

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