Vegetable oils for hair

The vegetable oils are another home ways we have to take care of hair. A simple way to provide hydration while smoothness and great beauty to the hair. What happens that sometimes we seem to forget all these options that we find easy.

So, so that this does not happen and does not forget more, we leave you with a series of vegetable oils that will hydrate the driest hair. Give a new life to your hair and about, all-new care. Each one has specific benefits that you should know.

Vegetable oils, flax oil

In this case, we find linen oil. One of the great basis for our beauty. For many reasons, but the truth is that one of the most important is that it has Omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to them, you also have vitamin E and proteins. What is more than essential for our hair? Because with this solution, what we will do is that we will provide a more hydrated finish. Which translates into a silkier hair with natural shine? Not being too greasy, we can use it on all types of hair, but it is true that when it comes to oily hair, you always have to be a little more cautious. For this reason, it is better that we apply it directly to the tips.

Almond oil

Sure it will sound much more because almond oil is one of the great basis for our beauty. Therefore, we cannot stop mentioning it either. No doubt, it will be perfect for all that hair that is very dry, lifeless and easily broken. It has vitamins B1, B2, B6, A, and D. But without forgetting that it also has vitamin E. For all this will be perfect for hair growth, as well as to act against dandruff or, to make the hair shine more than ever. It will recover its great vitality!

Coconut oil

In the same way, also the coconut oil is perfect, as his companions. Because in addition to the silky texture, what it will do is that it is a remedy against dandruff and against the itching that we usually have on our scalp. You can apply it just before washing, so it can penetrate slightly and soak up all its advantages. Of course, as long as we have quite dry hair. Because otherwise, it is best to continue opting to apply it from media to the tips. Your proteins and vitamins will also help us to have healthy hair forever. Because it is one of the fastest solutions we have at hand. If your hair is badly punished, then you will need a little coconut oil. You will see how in an almost miraculous way, you will notice its effects in a matter of minutes. This is because their proteins are quite the same as those of the hair in a natural way.

Shea butter

Undoubtedly, when we have very dry hair, nothing like shea butter. Because it also has a mixture of minerals, vitamins and that smell that we love. But not only us but also our hair. Since this one will benefit from all the advantages. When we think about which one to choose to be able to repair very dry hair, we would say that this is the first option to be taken into account. Because undoubtedly, it will be the most successful and will leave us with a silky and easy-to-comb hair. When talking about dry hair we also refer to curly or frizzy hair. They will be all of them who welcome this type of vegetable oils.

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