Twisted in the hair ideas of hairstyles

At the time of creating different hairstyles, ideas are crowding us. Therefore, in this case, we have decided to choose one of them that is the most original and with which we can create different types of hairstyles. The twists in your hair will be your best allies in the next few minutes.

Because thanks to the twists in the hair you can create from collected to semi-collected or hairstyles of all kinds. Ideas that you can incorporate to your best moments of the day. You will see how easy it is to put them into practice. Choose the one you like the most and start practicing!

Twisted in the hair, semi-collected

One of the hairstyles that we like the most is semi- hairstyles. Because they help us to make a change but without it being too drastic. Hence, for women who want to enjoy their loose hair, they can continue to maintain it. Therefore, we should take a lock on each side of the head. We will wrap them around themselves and fasten them on the back of the head. It’s that simple and allows you to leave the classic semi-picked to opt for another that adds that more original touch.

Bun with twisted locks

Also, the bows can be made with curly hair and in the simplest way. If it is that we do not need more complications for it. Therefore, we must first comb the hair back. Then we will make a horse ponytail at the height we want. Perhaps, what is recommended is that it below to enjoy a bow that is also low, classic and with that touch of elegance. Once we have the queue ready, we just have to divide it into two and screw each part on itself. Then, we will place them in a bun, that is, in a rounded way. We hold it with forks and we can even decorate it with some more showy hairpins, with rhinestones or flowers.

Side queue

A hairstyle like this we have seen even in red carpets. Because it is comfortable and simple, at the same time flattering. To do this, we must comb the hair to the side, whichever you prefer. Try to twist the lower part of the hair, that is, the strands that go from one ear to the other side, where the pigtail will go. When you have it castled, you will join it with the rest of the hair. As we have said, we will get a pigtail in one part and hold it with a rubber band. You can leave bangs and even some loose strands to make her a more modern and youthful hairstyle. You can always adapt it to your taste and the moment you will wear it!

Side wraps

Another one of the hairstyles that we have seen, but that we did not dare to try is this one. It is about doing some coiled root and side. Especially if you have straight hair, you will be great. We will be taking small strands on the top of the head and only on one side of it. We screw and hold them with forks. Then, we will comb the rest of the hair well and we will have our youth hairstyle more than ready. You can take it in any of the events that you have pending.

Lateral twists and pigtail

Another way we can make a queue can be this one. We need to make two hair divisions. As if we were tracing a line in the middle of our hair. So we would have left and right. Each of them, you will have to twist it on itself. Then, you just have to pick up the ends with a rubber band and you will have a low ponytail. It’s true that if you still want more innovation in it, then you can make a braid instead of the pigtail. Try to make a fish braid.

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