Tulle skirts a new trend

Did you think the tulle was dead? It’s probably because you’ve been watching us for the fashion weeks that have happened over the past few months. In these, we have not only seen it on the official catwalk but also in what we call the catwalk on the street.

The Dior show in Paris concentrated a number of blogger and celebrities who did not hesitate to wear tulle skirts. It’s not the first time; He already did in previous appointments and seems to insist, this garment is finding its place. Do you want to know how to take it?

Many wish girls have a ballerina tutu, am I wrong? Then, in the early 2000s, the character of Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) appeared on our screens to make you dream again, for a moment, with a large tulle skirt. Well, who then also abandoned the idea of getting one, now you have a new opportunity?Tulle

The tulle skirt is a very feminine and romantic garment that awakens as many passions as hatred. It is not a simple garment to wear at all! But those who wish to incorporate it into your wardrobe; you must not give up on it. We give you discover the keys to take it with class.

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With American; that is the most current way to wear this garment. We combine feminine and a masculine garment in one and the same style, balancing it. Choose a skirt that reaches your ankles, mark your waist well with a belt and incorporate your styling military boots to finish finishing a trendy look.

Are you looking for a lighter bet? In the face of spring, bet on color. Combine a tulle midi skirt in acid tones with high-heeled sandals and a short jacket as Blair does. You will achieve a very striking look to attend any celebration.

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