Tricks to untangle hair

The hair can get tangled easily, especially if its tips are dry and open or if the hair is not taken care of properly. We will give you some guidelines and tricks to untangle the hair. Detangle the hair with care is essential to prevent breakage, especially if the hair is thin or damaged beforehand.

The hair should be taken care of day so that they look beautiful, soft and without tangles. Not only do you have to know how to untangle them, but also how to prevent knots and tangles from forming easily. That is why we will tell you some tricks with which to improve this hair problem.

Hydrated hair

Hydrated hair is softer and does not tend to get entangled. That is why adequate daily care can help us improve this aspect a lot. The hair should be taken care of with masks and also avoiding using too much heat devices that dry it. If possible, it should be dried in the air. Before washing, we can use some suitable oil, such as jojoba if you have oily hair, or coconut for all types of hair, as a mask. It will hydrate all the hair and we will notice it when it comes to unraveling.

Split ends

Sometimes the hair becomes entangled more and more because our tips are damaged and open. So what it touches is to take a good cut. If it is your case, you can always dare with a new look and cut your hair to leave a half mane, as it is very fashionable and favors everyone. You will notice the difference when the tips are in perfect condition since they will not become so entangled.

Coconut oil

If you want a quick conditioner for the tips, you can always use coconut oil. It does not have a finish as unctuous as other types of oils and that is why it is ideal for hair. However, if we are going to use it after showering and without rinsing we should do it with care so that our hair does not get stuck. Only with a few drops is enough, spread on the palms of the hands to pass them later through the hair.

Suitable brush

The brush can help us to untangle our hair much better, avoiding the breakage of the fibers. The famous Tangle Tweezers is a great brush for disentangling, so it can be your best ally after showering. It is used on wet hair and you will see how it unravels with hardly any effort, and what is more important, without breaking hair.

To dry the hair

Hair drying can also cause hair to become entangled. Be careful with the hair dryer and do not direct the air to all sides, as this favors the messes in the hair. The air must be directed downwards with a medium power and some distance from the hair. With this we avoid the tangles and that the hair dries or breaks.

Conditioner without rinsing

Although we can use a few drops of coconut oil, the truth is that in the market there are also so-called conditioners without rinsing. This type of products can be used after showering and without having to rinse. They are only sprayed on the tips, avoiding the roots, and the hair is then combed.

Apple vinegar

Apparently, apple cider vinegar is good for many things if we use it on hair. It must be diluted with three more parts of water so that it does not become too acidic. It is used in a sprayer on the tips if we are not going to clarify it. It can also be used before washing to combat dandruff. On the tips helps to disentangle and leaves the hair very bright.

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