Tricks to improve ugly hair

It is always said that there is no ugly hair but rather, without taking care as it deserves. We all know that when we leave more than necessary, our hair is the first to give us the worst signals. Little shine; frizz and dryness are the bases of the so-called ugly hair.

But if we follow a series of tips all this can change. It is true that sometimes we find it difficult to follow some guidelines or routines, but if we want to see the change, we must be constant. Just think that if you want to see a new hair, it entails a bit of sacrifice. Are you willing to do it?

Every week, a mask

Masks are one of the most practical ways to give hair all the vitamins it needs. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to take care of it. We need it to be once a week. You can buy the one that goes best with your hair type or, makes a homemade one. If you opt for this last alternative, then you will have numerous ideas. To give it more shine and hydration always choose ingredients such as olive oil, avocado or honey, among others. Let her act for a long time, so it is advisable that you do it one day when you are not in a hurry. You will see how little by little you can see the results!

Try not to change the nature of the hair

This does not mean that a day or two we give ourselves a whim. But as a rule, it is best to respect the nature of our hair. For example, if it is curly, then we should help it to have that natural curl that we like so much, full of form. But to achieve this you will need a lot of hydration in the form of creams or masks. If it is smooth, you can also apply specific products to intensify its base and give it more shine. You can slightly curl the area of the tips with the curls, to give a little volume but without punishing it.

Opt for a new haircut

It does not mean that you have to change the image in a radical way. Only that you put yourself in expert hands and that you let yourself be advised. Because surely your hairdresser will recommend a haircut according to your features and also the type of hair you have. You will see how it will always give you a new life. Something that also happens every time we cut the ends. Freeing ourselves from the burned tips is always giving more power to the hair. So, every so often, you should visit your trusted hairdresser.

Forget about ugly hair with gelatin

The hair needs proteins. It is one of its great bases and although we have it in mind at the level of food, it is also necessary that we do so thanks to various products. Gelatin is one of the essentials. In addition, we have it available in all supermarkets at very affordable prices. Well, you just need to take a spoonful of the gelatin powder, in your shampoo. You will see how the strength is the best ally of your hair.

A massage with egg

The massages by the scalp are perfect and necessary. Because only they know well how to activate our circulation. What will make hair grow strong and healthy? So, if we also help ourselves from the egg, much better. Because in addition to proteins it also leaves us with vitamin D and E. A great combination that our hair will thank. For this, you just have to beat an egg and apply it on the scalp with a light massage for a few seconds. When you finish, you will let it act for 15 minutes and after that time, you will wash as usual. You will see how you will forget the ugly hair in a matter of a short time. Because step by step you can get to get. Get to work!

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