Tips to keep curly hair in good condition

By all, it is known that who has straight hair wants curly and vice versa. But for those who have curly hair, we must say that it is one of the hairs with more personality and that they are lucky because this type of hair is also a trend. Whatever your hair, we should always think of all the care you need, to keep it in good condition.

Curly hair is characterized because its cuticle is not completely sealed, like that of straight hair, and that’s why it has that shape. In addition, it is a type of hair that is drier and curls easily. Like any type of hair, it has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its specific care.

Untangle carefully

One of the things that give people with the curly hair the most trouble is tangling. It is important to untangle and comb your hair well before showering because wet hair is much more sensitive to falling and breaking than dry hair. It is better to untangle with the fingers than with the brush because with this we can get to pull the hair. You can help with a little coconut oil on your hands, which at the same time will hydrate your hair before showering.

Washing with special shampoospecial shampoo

Like any type of hair, curly hair has its special type of shampoo, which is usually moisturized to keep the curls in good condition and avoid frizz. One of the shampoos that have become popular in this regard is low shampoo, a type of product that is sulfate free, leaves hair loose and hydrated. At the time of applying masks or conditioner, it is necessary to do it in the tips, to hydrate these, letting act a few minutes.

After washing

At this point, it is best not to rub with the towel, but wrap the hair in it to absorb moisture. In addition, to comb it we can use a conditioner beforehand, to help us unravel easily. As we have said, curly hair stands out for being drier, so you can see more damage if you dry with the dryer, finishing with much curling and opening the curls. It is best to dry it outdoors or give it a touch with the dryer with average temperature. We can shape the curls with your fingers, with some curlers or by using a curler to define them and mark them more. We also have the great texturizing sprays that help shape the curls.

Hairstyles for curly haircurly hair

When combing curly hair, the easiest thing is to create hair with layers that have movement and where the volume is well distributed. A curly hair can hardly be matched since it causes the whole volume to concentrate on the ends. That’s why in hairdressers often recommend a hair cut in layers and never too short, as it makes it more difficult to master them and especially to do some hair with them.

Day-to-day care

When it comes to picking up curly hair for sports or because we can not take it loose at work, it is better to use soft gums that are wide, because they will become less tangled in the hair, like the cloth gums that are currently trending. In addition, making a large braid or several is a great idea, as it ensures that the hair is not going to get tangled. If we choose well the products to use in the hair, we will maintain healthy curls and soft and hydrated hair.

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