Tips for hair to keep your curlers

We know that curlers are not easy to maintain as we want! but we have the best advice for you. We know that hair is the frame of the face, that is why it is very important to keep it as controlled as possible and it is not always an easy task! The issue is that it has a solution and this data could simplify the formation and maintenance of your hairstyle!

The use of a purifying shampoo before combing is essential since it eliminates the accumulation that can weigh and straighten the curls. If you have fine hair you can skip the conditioner, “Ensuring that the hair is conditioned properly and lightly is important because the heat that will be used to create the curl can adversely affect the hair.” Healthy, conditioned hair also creates a more effective foundation for treating and maintaining curlers.

Most people brush their hair every time they shower, but think about it: untangling stretches the threads. “This will only make your hair smoother.” We recommend combing the knots after conditioning your wet hair, and then just use your fingers to “brush” gently once you finish bathing. This guarantees that you maintain the body and the natural movement of your hair.

The steam stretches the rollers, they stay better in a dry and fresh environment, the hydration and humidity uncontrolled the hair, they do not define it. When you comb it, avoid doing it as soon as you shower or try to ventilate so that the steam is gone.curlers

Try to dry the hair outdoors because the hot tools make it smoother, remove excess water with a microfiber towel to avoid frizz.

The less you handle the hair, the longer the curls last, if you need to “comb” it, do it gently with your fingers. and if you do not want to abuse the iron ore in the corrugator you can use the “old rollers” that form the curlers with the help of the dryer! will be more natural!

Apply mouse texturizer or spray to fix them subtly … that will give you the strength you need to stay for longer!

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