Tips for a Wonderful Hair This Summer

There is always a way to return the vitality, softness, and hydration of the hair after the sun, pool, and sea. Here are the best tips for you!

If our idea is to make a panorama under the sun, most likely, we protect our skin with sunscreen. Unfortunately, sometimes, we forget to protect our hair, because we focus only on the skin (taking into account that we subject it to the pool with chlorine, sand, and salt). In this way, the hair fiber loses strength and weakens.

But how can we take care of our hair?

Do not abuse the hairbrush

We know that with the wind and water the hair gets entangled even more, but when passing the comb or brush (especially in wet hair), the only thing you do is frizz and weaken it, we recommend applying a “detangling spray” ideally with argan oil or some other moisturizer.

Rest of the “hot tools”

The least you need damaged hair is to enhance your weakness with heat, less after the sea or the pool because salt or chlorine will penetrate the fiber breaking and leaving it opaque.

Change your common towel to a microfiber towel

A very simple way and that does not demand extra time. Eliminates frizz and adds luminosity.

Hair massage is essential in this season. The good news is that you can do it.

It is always necessary to massage the scalp and hair fiber. You would increase blood circulation and lead to healthy hair growth. Depending on your needs you will find the right product for you.

You can take care of your hair enjoying the most of summer! What do you think?

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