This separation fits with your face shape

Do you want a new haircut but are not you ready for the choppy bob or a perm, because you are not sure if it is in your face shape? Then the change of separation is the solution. But which is actually the most flattering for your face shape? We list the different options.

Have you been sharing your divorce in the same place for years? Then a new separation will probably be difficult at first. A matter of perseverance, because your hair will eventually get used to the new place. Tip: apply some mousse to towel-dried hair and draw the new layout. Then blow dry your hair and use two clips while cooling your hair to the air. Spraying some dry shampoo and here’s the new you!

A small disclaimer. Below we give tips on how your face even better. I would say test & try, but wear it especially as you think it is most beautiful with your face shape.

A long face

A middle separation works to make a long face look less long. This hairstyle also compliments your face shape by accentuating your eyes and jawline thanks to the symmetry.

A square face

A separation that is just outside the middle works best with an angular face shape or a ‘square face’. This makes your face a little longer.

A heart-shaped face

Do you have a heart-shaped face shape? Then try a deep side parting. This can soften a sharp bone structure or a prominent chin.

A round face

The perfect distribution with around faces shape? In the middle of a deep side parting. The more vertical lines, the longer your face looks. Long hair can also help to make your face look less round.

An oval face

Do you have an oval face shape? You lucky girl! A You can have it anywhere. You do not have to take into account whether or not to extend your face shape, facial lines or bone structure. So nice and varied!

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