beautiful curls hairstyles

The most beautiful curls hairstyles

When you have straight hair you want to curls and when you have curly hair you want to… curl! Okay, maybe once in a while a steep coup for the change, but let’s be honest: everyone wants curly hair! This article is an ode to the curl with no less than most beautiful curls of hairstyles to get inspiration from or to dream about.

Curls hair is extremely versatile because you have many different types. We have subdivided into kinky curly, tight curls, big curls, loose curls, and wavy curls. Which is your favorite? Watch and enjoy the most beautiful curly hairstyles!

Kinky curls

Kinky curly

Kinky curls is the most dominant hair type in people of African descent. What is kinky curly? Kinky makes hair, as it were, a rotation around her own axis.

A strand of hair makes a twist (as if you are wiping a towel and both ends are turning in a different direction) and there is a subtle blow.

Curly hair can also be curly so that a strand of hair is both twisted and spiral. Thanks to this combination, the hair is often heightened and kinky curls often provide a lot of volumes! Nice messy and muddled for tough curls hairstyles, or make it cute by (partly) binding it!

Tight curls

Tight curls

Curls are actually spirally plucked hair and this is especially visible in the curls hairstyles with tight curls.

All small pipe curls that together form a beautiful voluminous whole. Unlike the kinky curls, the tight curls do not necessarily go up in height and gravity pulls them down.

Do you have this style curling hairstyle? A hair flip to one side is irresistible or tie all your hair on top of your head with an elastic for a too-cute curly hairstyle.

Big curls

Big curls

Again spiral-shaped pipe shavings, but then a stroke larger. ‘Go big or go home!’ According to these curly hairstyles.  Let your curls cut in layers around your face for a lot of volumes.

Create more depth in the hair by dyeing the ends or the top, for example, blonder. A tip (which actually applies to all curls of hairstyles): lots of coconut oil.

Loose curls

Loose curls

The loose curl is no longer really spiral because it is more stretched, but it still curls nicely. It is the perfect curl for longer hair because they stretch slightly due to the weight. But do you want more curl?

Then you can cut it in layers or shoulder-length so that the loose curls can go their own way. With this, you can go in all directions (see the curls hairstyles below) but promise us!

Wavy curls

Wavy curls

The wavy curls are, as the name says, no spiral curls, but soft waves in the hair. Actually what you think about with perfect beach hair.

The wavy curls call for length and a middle separation (hello modern hippie!), But also super cute in a short bob! The waves provide volume in the hair which makes even smooth hair lively.

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