The fall of hair in men

The fall of hair in men has some quite clear causes. But of all of them, the one that takes the first place is the inheritance. Genetics is what makes everyone well aware of this issue. Because they know that they can be touched by having to deal with a problem like this.

Today we will discuss the causes in general, as well as certain treatment or prevention that can be carried out. Because if you can delay or control the fall of hair, we will always be grateful. It seems that in broad strokes, we all worry enough about a problem like this.

Main causes of hair loss in men

That inheritance that our parents leave us is one of the main causes. It seems that more than 75% of the male population blames this factor and they are totally right. All this is due to an excess of hormones combined with the passage of time. The hair follicles are slightly weakened and this causes the hair to grow less and much weaker.

It is also said that age is another factor. Although sometimes we find younger people with a fairly noticeable hair loss. If we lose around 100 hairs per day, when they reach more years, they do not regenerate in the same way as at other early ages.

Stress also accompanies us on this path. While it is present and altering other parts of our body and our life, hair loss is also one of the main causes. Whether for work or because of certain traumatic episodes in our lives.

The feed can also be altering our health. When we talk about a specific hair fall for a while and it does not go on, it can happen for this reason. If the body lacks some type of vitamin, it can indicate it to us in this way. Hence, you have to integrate more vegetables, fish, white meat and a balanced diet, to your day by day. Try that vitamin B and zinc are always present.

Treatments and tips to prevent hair loss

The first of all is to go to a medical good. Because when we see that the fall is becoming more intense, it is best to ask for an opinion as soon as possible. For this, they will make a personalized diagnosis and from there, they will tell you what the steps are. While hair micrografts are one of the techniques that give the best result. In fact, many celebrities have already gone through a treatment like this. But we insist, that it is an option but before your doctor has to tell you what is the best solution to your problem.

It is true that in our hand we also have others. Although many experts say that they really will not give the result we are looking for. Best of all, do not wait too long. Therefore, we must always take care of our hair from outside with good hair treatments. Among them is the choice of a good shampoo as well as some anti-hair blisters. At least they will improve the blood circulation in this area, stimulating the hair root. On the inside, we must also take care of ourselves.

As we have indicated, everything will be in good nutrition and drinking lots of water. In addition, we must get away from the high temperatures in a matter of dryers or irons or abuse of fixing products. If you have long hair, it will not matter if you cut it for the fall theme, since you will notice it in the same way. Of course, many other men decide to ignore nature and be bald. A perfect option that always turns out to be as natural as it is attractive.

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