The coolest and most beautiful short hairstyles

Recently we gave you an overview of the coolest hair trends. Undone wet-look hair, waves, and baby braids are a few of these hair trends, but what if you have short hair? Short hairstyles require a completely different approach. Hence an overview of the short hairstyles so far!

The bob line is still a gigantic hair trend for short hairstyles.this is the year for the short bob, which stops somewhere halfway down the neck, just under the chin. But wearing this short haircut is a lot of variation, namely the straight, curly or muddled bob.

The following four variants are the most common short hairstyles this year. Ladies with (or without) short hair, pay attention!

blond pixie

blond pixie The shortest in the row short hairstyles is the pixie. You have to stand, but one thing is certain. The characteristics of your face are put in the spotlight because the hair is completely out of sight.

This year the blonde pixie is a trend. Let your hair be bleached in silver blond or go for natural shades.

Super straight bob

Super straight bobThe second in our short hairstyles overview is the super straight bob. With the steep bob, the hair is cut to one length, creating a blunt underside. And the nice thing is that you determine the length yourself, from just under the ears to your shoulders.

Whatever you like you wear this bob super right and in a middle separation. Do you not have straight hair naturally? Then start with a flat iron to create the straight bob.

Natural curly bob

Natural curly bobFrom straight to curly for the third in the short hairstyles overview. Does your hair curl or a stroke? Then have your bob cut in different lengths. That way she goes her own way and you get a playful bob.

Do you have a natural battle? Then wear it in a middle separation like Chung. Does your hair curl properly? Wear it in a side part or hair flips like. Or use a curling iron to create curls in your steep hair.

Textured tousled bob

textured tousled bobLast but not least in our short hairstyles list: the textured tousled bob. Create waves in the hair with a curling iron to create some movement in the hair.

The rule is that the ends are straight and the difference with the natural curly bob is that it often falls around, so the focus is on the wide bottom.

Also, this muddled bob has the volume at the bottom, but with steep ends so that the bob remains free ‘bone’.

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