Temperature of hair dryer

We tell you some details about the temperature of the hair dryer and how it should be used so as not to damage the hair or dry it.

In the care of our hair, we almost always use the hair dryer to shape it. When using the dryer we have to take into account some guidelines.

Because if we use it badly it may damage our hair in the long term. This type of heat appliances should be used with care so that the hair does not break or dry.

The temperature of the hairdryer is one of the factors that most influence the hair. Although there are also others that we will talk about.

Drying and combing the hair is something we do all to have a careful appearance but we should not damage the hair or spoil it.

After washing the hair

When we finish washing our hair we should not rub with the towel. What you need to do to take care of it is to wrap it in a towel and let it absorb most of the moisture for a few minutes.

If we can let dry a lot of the hair in the open air it will be much better. In this way, we will apply less heat to it.

At this time is also when we can take advantage of some treatment to soften the hair without rinsing. Such as conditioners without rinsing or some oils such as coconut that provide nourishment to the tips.

Use the dryer

hair dryer

The hair dryer should be used about ten centimetres from the hair, without applying directly. Because if we do so we will avoid breaking the hair or damaging it with excess heat.

The temperature of the dryer should not be more than 180 degrees, especially if our hair is fine because it can break more easily.

Thick hair holds more temperature without breaking, although it should not be exceeded because it can also damage the fiber and cause it to dry out.

It is advisable to use the dryer with a nozzle to concentrate the heat and thus make fewer passes through the hair.

In addition, you should always buy a dryer that is of quality to improve its use. Since they are more efficient and thus we damage less the hair.

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Protect your hair

There are many myths about the use of hair and other hair tools, but what is certain is that it is good to protect the hair. Currently, there are all kinds of products to protect hair against heat, which are called heat protectors.

If we want our hair does not suffer from the dryer or the iron. The best thing we can do is to use these products.

Normally they are light creams or sprays that are applied by spraying on the hair at the ends and means to not caking the hair.

Apply masks

From time to time we must perform a dose of extra care on the hair so that it improves and hydrates. Using a repair mask may be a good idea.

You can make natural masks with ingredients such as aloe vera. Which cares for the cuticle, or with natural oils such as coconut. Which is highly recommended for hair.

Another mask is made with egg yolk and yogurt, or with honey. It is very moisturizing food. If we apply these masks at the ends we can enjoy a much softer hair.

Dryer or plates

Nowadays we can use the dryer or the irons to shape the hair. The dryer can be used to dry wet hair but the irons are used with the hair already dry because this way it spoils much less.

We must know when to use each tool for hair. So we can take maximum care of our hair even if we use heat on it.

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