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How to take care of your hair in summer

The skincare and hair must be different during the summer season and during the winter. In summer we face the sun, sweat, high temperatures, sea salt and other factors that can spoil our hair much more. That is why during the summer we have to take into account other hair care. Caring for your hair is essential to make...

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Avoid these habits that mess up your hair

For those people who have dry hair like me, I’m sure they do not need these tips to keep their hair from getting dirty. Dry hair can last more than three days perfectly without getting dirty and without needing washing; however, the same is not true for fine and oily hair.

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Switch to blond: your tips for choosing your future shade

With the arrival of a new season, one thing often tempts us: changing hair color. Whether you want to adapt to the period or just evolve against the current, the blond remains one of the first choices when we put our feet at the hairdresser. And contrary to the general beliefs, whatever your skin tone or your natural hair...


9 Tips to optimize the beauty of your hair

Who has never dreamed of having long, shiny, or resistant hair? (Or even the three). But here it is, the concern is that in reality, it is quite difficult to reach its ideal hair. Between pollution, our food and temptations to smooth or color hair: the course is fraught with pitfalls. But Grazia has thought of you by listing...