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Summer hair 2018: all the trends of the season

Hair-summer, the first temptation is to cut as much as possible. But we must not give up! Warmth, stress and more and more unruly styling often lead to extreme solutions, but fashion has its own rules and we cannot neglect it. Before “giving us a cut” let’s take a look at the hair trend.


Autumn hair trends 2018

Goodbye to the summer and temperatures that slowly fall down: it’s time to take a look at the autumn 2018 hair trends! Cuts and colors were chosen by the major brands on the catwalks of fashion, immediately become trends among the stars and on social networks.


Trends of the Hairstyles of the 2018 Emmy Awards

Different inspirations that we saw at this year’s Emmy Awards! Which one represents you? Hairstyles full of style and varied looks were what surprised us this year. Waves, high buns headdresses and attached vintage hairstyles, incorporating glitter and accessories.