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Olive oil for hair

The vast majority we have in the kitchen, but there are many more uses to give. Hence, today we focus on olive oil for hair. Because it can also do a lot for our hair. If you still have not dared to use it, sure that from today everything will change, with the advice we give you. Olive oil...

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How to have straight hair

For many women having straight hair becomes a dream. But it is certain that, sometimes, those dreams are only achieved with the help of plates or various products. Although we do not want you to damage your hair more than necessary and we are going to tell you some secrets.

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How to apply henna on hair

If you are looking for a natural alternative to the typical hair dyes, then we suggest you try the henna. However, you must know how to apply henna and also the advantages and disadvantages of using this natural product. There are those who have already switched to henna and we know that natural cosmetics have more and more followers...

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How to make wicks Baby lights at home

The Baby lights wicks have been a revolution. The truth is that part of its charm lies in this natural touch that leaves us in the hair. Because it is about simple reflections, somewhat brighter and has a more jovial finish than we could think.

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10 tips for a beautiful hair and healthy

To have beautiful hair, we need to get to the big tips. These tips put into practice by stylists, who do nothing but always worry about the health of our hair. There are many, it is true, but today we leave you with the 10 most important ones that you can put into practice.


I do not know what to do with my hair

I do not know what to do with my hair! How many times have you uttered a phrase like this? Surely you have not counted them but the truth is that today we are going to solve all those doubts because each of the problems will also come to their own solutions. Some solutions that you will find to...

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Why use the serum for hair

The serum has become a regular in our beauty routines, both for the skin and for the hair. This product that at first was used very little has made a hole in our lives thanks to the fact that we find cosmetics of this type with an infinite number of properties and adapted to each problem or type of...


Tricks to untangle hair

The hair can get tangled easily, especially if its tips are dry and open or if the hair is not taken care of properly. We will give you some guidelines and tricks to untangle the hair. Detangle the hair with care is essential to prevent breakage, especially if the hair is thin or damaged beforehand.

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Tips for a Wonderful Hair This Summer

There is always a way to return the vitality, softness, and hydration of the hair after the sun, pool, and sea. Here are the best tips for you! If our idea is to make a panorama under the sun, most likely, we protect our skin with sunscreen. Unfortunately, sometimes, we forget to protect our hair, because we focus only...

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6 habits with which you make your hair fat

The annoying moment when you wake up and your hair is already fat, you’ve only washed it and today you can get back to work with the dry shampoo. You may not be aware of the following things that you do, which make your hair fat faster. That’s why we’re going to tell them to you!