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How to care for hair after summer

Yes, we know that we still have much to take advantage of the days of the beach, pool and a lot of suns. But still, it does not hurt that we go thinking about how to take care of the hair after the summer. Because both water and sun exposure will make our hair change and much.

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Tips for a Wonderful Hair This Summer

There is always a way to return the vitality, softness, and hydration of the hair after the sun, pool, and sea. Here are the best tips for you! If our idea is to make a panorama under the sun, most likely, we protect our skin with sunscreen. Unfortunately, sometimes, we forget to protect our hair, because we focus only...


Summer hair 2018: all the trends of the season

Hair-summer, the first temptation is to cut as much as possible. But we must not give up! Warmth, stress and more and more unruly styling often lead to extreme solutions, but fashion has its own rules and we cannot neglect it. Before “giving us a cut” let’s take a look at the hair trend.

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Beard trend – summer 2018

Once a frame contour, today a fundamental element of the male look, the beard receives more and more attention from the hairstylists, who study the most appropriate care and follow the trends dictated by fashion.

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Make your ready hair for use in 7 steps

The summer can damage your hair. The culprits are the sun, wind and the sea, leaving your locks dry and damaged. Good preparation can prevent a lot! So before you get on the plane, do yourself a favor and go through these steps for summer-ready hair!


The Color You Were Looking For This Summer

It is the trend of hair dye that comes fully for this season. We know that with the sun, the beach, the salt and the chlorine from the pool, our hair looks more damaged, dull and the dye lasts less. But this color will be the salvation of your problems.