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How to remove plasticine from hair

We have all played with plasticine on more than one occasion. Although our mothers already had to use the odd trick to eliminate it from where we stuck it, now it’s up to us. We are afraid that this moment will come, but of course, it is not the first time that we will face how to remove the...

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Home solutions for damaged hairs

Damaged hair is one of the problems we face every day. It seems that none of the creams or shampoos gives us the result we really want to see. So, once again we will bet on the homemade solutions for damaged hairs. We will get our hair back once and for all. When we see our hair lifeless and...

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How to prepare a homemade mask for dry hair

Preparing a homemade mask for dry hair is simpler than we imagined. We know that what is not so easy to treat is the hair when it is without hydration. Hence, we always insist that we must apply certain products that provide nutrition and, of course, leave it more silky and perfect.

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How to make a homemade cream for dandruff

Dandruff can appear for various reasons, but what we do know is that it is a fungus. So, the different states of our body can also lead to the incentive. Hence, in seasons of stress, emotional changes or perspiration dandruff will be more intense. So today we are going to say goodbye with a homemade cream for dandruff.

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Home remedies to untangle hair

Untangling hair is not always one of the simplest tasks. But it is essential for it to look impeccable. So, if every time you have to comb your hair you see a challenge in it, we offer you perfect solutions. It is about some home remedies to untangle the hair.

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Olive oil for hair

The vast majority we have in the kitchen, but there are many more uses to give. Hence, today we focus on olive oil for hair. Because it can also do a lot for our hair. If you still have not dared to use it, sure that from today everything will change, with the advice we give you. Olive oil...

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Steps to remove frizz from hair

Frizz or frizz can appear when we least expect it. It does not matter what kind of hair we have, because he installed himself even if we did not want it. There are many causes of its appearance and among them; there is a lack of hydration of the hair caused by various reasons.