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How to make natural waves in the hair

The waves have been in the hair for years. They give volume, movement, and favor all kinds of faces, so it is one of the best options when combing. That is why today many so many ways of making natural waves in the hair have been thought of.

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Moisturizing mask for hair

One of the main problems of hair is dryness, due to everything we do with it on a day to day basis. Heat appliances, jerks, hairstyles, and many other factors make the tips dry out and we urgently need to hydrate the hair. Before reaching this point we should also think about using a moisturizing mask for hair.

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How to get a natural hair straightening

We like curly hair but also straight hair. Of course, sometimes we do not have one or the other, but we discover how our hair is unmanageable. Well, today we will see how to make a natural smoothing with home remedies. We love homemade solutions and that is because they always give us great virtues and the greatest care....

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Steps to remove frizz from hair

Frizz or frizz can appear when we least expect it. It does not matter what kind of hair we have, because he installed himself even if we did not want it. There are many causes of its appearance and among them; there is a lack of hydration of the hair caused by various reasons.

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How to choose hair color

Choosing the hair color that suits us is not always a simple task. Because we tend to get carried away by our tastes and they are not always the ones who favor us the most. Therefore, if you want to know which key will highlight all your features, you should not miss what we bring to you.

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Hair gel, homemade recipes and very natural

The hair gel is one of the most used products and classic, we have hair. As its name suggests, it is a gel that allows us to have a much more creative hairstyle than we could imagine. What will unleash our imagination? Therefore, today we talk about some of the natural recipes to create your own hair gel. In...


Treatments for hair homemade and natural

We know that there are many treatments for hair that help us to care for, protect and heal. But today, we will review the most demanded and all those who really work. Perfect ideas to not spend a lot of money but always have perfect hair. It is true that in the market we can find products according to...

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Natural redheads how to take care of hair

The natural redheads should care the most of your hair. Because it is a variation in pigmentation that is not very common to see. That is why if you are lucky enough to have her, you will need to give her the necessary care and today, we will tell you about it.