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Five home remedies for curled hair

If we talk about curled hair we have to talk about the dryness of it. When it loses moisture, this results in hair that is much rougher and not very easy to be handled. The hair becomes more porous because it loses its natural oils. Come on, that’s something we never want to get to.

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How to fight dandruff on the scalp

Dandruff on the scalp may be due to several reasons. You may have dry scalp, but it is usually caused by a fungus that increases the production of flakes in the dermis, which break off and give rise to that dandruff we know. This is a complex problem that must be studied in each case. Because there may be...

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Steps to remove frizz from hair

Frizz or frizz can appear when we least expect it. It does not matter what kind of hair we have, because he installed himself even if we did not want it. There are many causes of its appearance and among them; there is a lack of hydration of the hair caused by various reasons.

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How to grow hair in a few days

Grow hair. The truth is that miracles cannot be carried out, especially when it comes to growing hair. But it is true that being constant and following the steps that we leave you, you will see how your hair grows in a short time. We will start with a technique that we have tried and of course, it leaves...

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Rinse hair with honey

Clarifying hair is one of the things that many women want to do, but methods that use chemicals are often very damaging to our hair. If we have fine hair it is likely that we spoil it, so we can resort to natural methods that do not damage our hair. Clarifying the hair with honey is one of them...