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How to make your hairstyle in the last longer

Whenever we get a nice hairstyle, we want and need it to last. But it is not always what we want. So, it would not be the first time that soon, our hairstyle is not even what it was. So today, we are going to give you some tips to make the hairstyle last longer. There are many reasons...

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Carded hair how to do it and take it

The carding is a hairstyle technique that took a lot during the 80s. It consists of giving much more volume to the hair only with the brush. Although we think that this technique may be outdated, the truth is that it is not so. Nowadays there are still many hairstyles that can be done with this technique.

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How to give volume to curly hair

Giving volume to curly hair can help you see how your hair has more body. Because it does not indicate that by having curly hair, it already has that volume that we are looking for. All we have similar hair; we know that it is a great advantage when it comes to combing or doing some hairstyles.

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Hair spray, the pros and cons

One of the most common and used fixatives is hair spray. When we want to get a special hairstyle and that lasts much longer, we resort to it. Although it is true that lately is a little in disuse, over the years has always had a lot of work and at different times.

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What hairstyle favors me

Surely you have asked many times. What hairstyle favors me? It is always the eternal question because we have tried several styles and we do not always get what we would like. So, today you are going to leave doubts at last. With examples and the best recommendations.

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Hairstyles for a job interview

When we go to a job interview there are many doubts that assail us. One of them is how we should dress and even how to fix our hair. Therefore, today we leave you with a perfect and current series of ideas about hairstyles for a job interview.

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6 Festival hair trends for inspiration

We no longer have to explain that festivals are much more than music and fun and that it is the place for the latest trends. Trends in the field of fashion, nails, make-up, and hair. They are all over and for the latter, we have put the trends in a row with a lot of beautiful inspiration. All you...


Trend neon coloring: we crack or resist?

It would have been expected during the holidays to wear under the sun, but the neon color is back in September! From Kim Kardashian to Nicki Minaj to Katy Perry, the stars had already adopted it. Even if they had been cautious in choosing to wear a wig instead of coloring their own hair, for a more personal result,...