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Haircuts trend in this 2019

As every year, new ideas are emerging on how to wear hair. New shades but also new haircuts that will be a trend this 2019. If you’re thinking of a great change of look, it may be time to make a different cut, and if you’ve never done it, you can try those that are less daring but just...

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Haircuts for long face

We always want to highlight our natural beauty. For this, nothing like starting with haircuts or good hairstyles. So, if you have a long face, we have the best ideas for you. Because there are many who will make you look totally favored, but others have the function of doing the opposite.

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Ideas for haircuts for square face

Each one of the face types is different and each one of them asks for a specific style of hairstyle or cut. Hence, today we focus on haircuts for a square face. So if you have this shape on your face, you will know if you are right with your hairstyle.

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Haircuts for oval face

We always have a little hesitation when changing hairstyles. So, if you have an oval face, then today we tell you which the best haircuts that will remain are. But we already advance that with this type of face you are more than congratulations.

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10 tips for more volume in your hair

Slim, thin and fine hair sometimes requires some extra volume. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply yourself because volume in your hair and haircuts with a lot of volume is the trend in 2017. 1. Move your separation Perhaps you also have a favorite place for your divorce and always carry your divorce...