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How to care for straight hair

If you want to know how to take care of straight hair, today we show you the best ideas and tricks for it. Straight hair is one of the most beloved but also hated by all women. Perhaps because it allows us to wear numerous types of hairstyles and haircuts, with a very flattering result. But of course, it...

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How to give volume to hair with the same hair

Even if you think we have done a kind of tongue twister, nothing is further from reality. We just want to help you give volume to the hair with the same hair. That is, with no more additions than your own hair. If we always indicate some tricks to keep the hair more careful, today we do not need...

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How to avoid hair curling

We know well that with the changes of time, humidity and heat sources like the hair dryer are not friends of our hair. This one lets us know in the form of frizz or also known as frizz. We try to avoid it at all costs, although sometimes it is not the simplest … until today! We will help...

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Ideas to make the hair look longer

Whenever we wait patiently for the hair to grow, it seems that it will be slower than ever. So time does not pass and we want the hair to look longer. Well, we already have several solutions. Also, nothing complicated, so you can quickly put them into practice.

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Tricks to improve ugly hair

It is always said that there is no ugly hair but rather, without taking care as it deserves. We all know that when we leave more than necessary, our hair is the first to give us the worst signals. Little shine; frizz and dryness are the bases of the so-called ugly hair.

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How to Avoid Split Tips

For all women split, ends are a subject at some point. Although having the tips flowered is not the end of the world, they can be a little unpleasant because they make our hair look less healthy and bright. And for the girls who are growing their hair, it is the worst enemy! It is impossible for your hair...

Haircuts 2018 the return of the long 0

Haircuts 2018 the return of the long

Long haircuts are rapidly gaining consensus among women around the world: here’s what to expect for next winter! The haircuts in 2018 will be very varied and fashion will not be able to appreciate in a way too homogeneous, thus allowing all women who want to approach the possibility of following a nice restyling to do so with dozens...