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How to get shine hair in 6 tips

How to increase hair shine? If you want to know how to increase the brightness of the hair, then aim well everything we have for you. Because when we talk about hair, all care is little for him. We pay attention to the tips, also the roots and the type of hair we have. But today, we will try...

waves in hair without heat 0

How to make waves in hair without heat

Because we really like to change the hairstyle, today we are going to see how we can make waves in the hair without heat. A perfect way to give a new life to our hair without punishing it. We want a hair full of curls but healthy and careful. That is why we do not need any heat source....

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How to remove tobacco smell from hair without washing

Today we are going to give you the best tricks to eliminate the smell of tobacco from your hair. Yes, it is true that one of the best steps would be to not smoke. Neither we nor the people around us, but it is something we cannot control. So, if you have gone to a party or meeting and...

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How to give volume to hair with the same hair

Even if you think we have done a kind of tongue twister, nothing is further from reality. We just want to help you give volume to the hair with the same hair. That is, with no more additions than your own hair. If we always indicate some tricks to keep the hair more careful, today we do not need...

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The perfect essential oils for your oily hair

Maybe it can be a contradiction because when we talk about oil and greasy hair, there is something that does not fit. Surely if you have this condition in your hair, you will run away from the idea of oils. Well, now you do not have to leave them behind since there are a number of them that will...

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How to remove plasticine from hair

We have all played with plasticine on more than one occasion. Although our mothers already had to use the odd trick to eliminate it from where we stuck it, now it’s up to us. We are afraid that this moment will come, but of course, it is not the first time that we will face how to remove the...

home remedies for hair loss 0

Home remedies for hair loss

We are at a time when we see how our hair falls out more than necessary. If it is your case, or you want to prevent it, do not miss these home remedies for hair loss. A perfect way to take care of our hair without having to resort to other techniques much more expensive.

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Recipes for silky and hydrated hair

Having silky and hydrated hair is not always a simple thing. Mainly, it depends above all on our genetics, that is, on the type of hair that we have, and also, of course, on the care we give to this both daily and weekly. Today, I tell you my case, how is my hair type, what care I dedicate...

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How to get a shiny hair simple gestures

The hair may appear opaque at certain times, and this does not favor anyone. A healthy hair is soft and shiny, so we’ll have to see what may be ruining our hair to get that shiny hair that we like. A nice hair is healthy hair, but for that, you have to take care of it a lot. We...

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How to feed yourself to avoid hair loss

We will discover one of the best-kept secrets. If you have asked yourself how to feed yourself to avoid hair loss, on countless occasions, today we have the best answers. Because in addition to the specific products we can use for this problem, food plays a very important role.