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Extra care for dry hair

We know that hair has some care that can be generalized for everyone, from hair to short hair and different types of hair. But there are also specific cares for fine, dry, curly or oily hair. In this case, we will see some extra care and tricks to care for dry hair.

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Homemade hair masks that work

When we want to improve the appearance of our hair, we can resort to certain tricks or remedies. What better time to get hold of homemade masks. Because they have natural ingredients and because they are simple to make and with great results.

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Care for blonde hair

Blonde hair can have many different shades, but it usually takes a lot of care to make it look brighter. Natural blondes are usually fine hair, so you have to take care of them so they do not break. If they are dyed we will have the same problem, since the hair weakens and can break.


Hair masks with different effects

The masks for the hair have their function and can help us to greatly improve the appearance of this. In addition, each person can find a type of mask for their hair, depending on the specific problem they have. These masks can be purchased already made or we can make them at home with natural ingredients.


5 DIY hair masks for all hair types

Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, we all agree that washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner sometimes is not enough. So if your hair feels dry and fragile or weak and lifeless, we have the solution for you here. And because we believe in rowing with the belts you have, these do-it-yourself masks can all be...

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5 Recipes of homemade hair masks for dull hair

,BecausLemon, a trustable ally against dull hair. The lemon will tighten the scales of your dull hair and it will help them regain their lost shine. You can directly mix its juice with your shampoo not only integrate it with a homemade mask to increase its effects but also mixing it with lemon and crushed banana. After this, leave...