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How to choose hair color

Choosing the hair color that suits us is not always a simple task. Because we tend to get carried away by our tastes and they are not always the ones who favor us the most. Therefore, if you want to know which key will highlight all your features, you should not miss what we bring to you.

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Hair dyes application and care

The hair dyes are used by many women for different reasons. The dyes can change our hair color and that is why they can be used to cover the gray hair or simply to modify our style. Some people use hair dyes a lot and there are those who have only tried it once. They are products that carry...

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Red hair the 2018 hair trend is confirmed

Red at Christmas? “Pure avant-garde” Someone would say… yet there is no doubt that red will reconfirm the color of this year and of what’s to come. From copper to mahogany, passing through every nuance and possible interpretation, red hair is by far the most requested in the salon. It is fundamental to know how to choose them based...

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This way you color your hair super easy in all colors

Especially in the summer and during the festival season we all tend to the bright colors in our hair. From pastel pink and lavender to turquoise and unicorn hair, we cannot be so crazy. With the Colorista line from L’OrĂ©al Paris, you can easily give your hair any color you want and you decide how long you want the...

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Switch to blond: your tips for choosing your future shade

With the arrival of a new season, one thing often tempts us: changing hair color. Whether you want to adapt to the period or just evolve against the current, the blond remains one of the first choices when we put our feet at the hairdresser. And contrary to the general beliefs, whatever your skin tone or your natural hair...

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Blue hair: those who are well and how they do it

Who does not love black, says that blue is the “own black”, at least in clothing. And if so also for the hair? But between the dark blue and the celestial, there are various gradations, not least those that reproduce the new nuanced effects.