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How to take care of the hair so that it does not fall

Caring for your hair so it does not fall is not always an easy task to fulfill. As we know, in the face of hair loss, there are many factors that influence. But still, today we will try by all means that with some basic advice, we can stop this problem as much as possible.

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How to recover dry and damaged hair

Our hair is one of the parts that we take care of the most because it reflects our personality a lot. Whatever type it is, there is almost always the problem that it can be damaged, with split ends and areas where it feels dry and rough. Hair care is aimed at enjoying healthy and strong hair, avoiding dry...

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5 tips to protect your hair from the sun

We love to lie in the sun and enjoy the beautiful weather. We lubricate our arms, legs and the rest of our body well. But what about our hair? Do you protect your hair against the sun? We give you tips to protect your locks against the sun rays.


8 hacks for thicker hair

A full bunch of hair is something that many women long for. Of course you can swallow supplements or change your diet to create a healthy forest, but sometimes you just want immediate results. Fortunately, there is also hope for girls with thin hair, because you can also help nature in the short term. Read our tips quickly!

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This way you get rid of split ends without cutting them

Our biggest hair enemy: split ends. This means that it is high time to go to the hairdresser, just now that you are doing your best to make your hair grow longer. Split ends not only look unhealthy, but they also make sure that your hair grows less quickly because the points continue to split and break. Fortunately, there...


6 things that can happen if you do not wash your hair

More and more women are looking for alternatives to shampoo or are delaying their washes. There are many advantages, but we do not really hear much about the disadvantages. Yet they are there. Shampoo is not developed for nothing. We put 6 disadvantages of washing without shampoo in a row.

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6 reasons why your hair keeps breaking

Does your hair no longer want to grow and does it always break down to a certain length? Or is your hairline ruined by short, wispy tufts? Then your hair is damaged. The good news: you can do something about it. We list the 6 main reasons for breaking up.

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The reason why you lose more hair in the fall

Is your shower well more often blocked with hair than normal? And do you walk all day to pick hair off your clothes? No reason to panic! There is a scientific reason why you lose more hair this season…