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Dyed hair care in summer

As we all know, dyed hair needs more care. Because it tends to dry out or lose shine and we do not want this to happen. So if it is already something usual in him, when the summer comes even worse. Because it can become very rough and lose all its great beauty.

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How to make masks for dyed hair

We love to change the look, although surely many of us would do it in a more frequent way. What happens is that the hair breaks down a lot and lets us know in different ways. But from today everything can change since we are going to prepare some masks for dyed hair.

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How to Maintain Your Color-Treated Hair

The Treated Hair subjected to chemical and mechanical stress require special care and attention. Here are tips. The healthy hair is by definition silky, shiny and soft. Unfortunately, often the various types of treatment chemicals (dyes, streaks, highlights) and physical (phone, plates, and rods), especially if prolonged, make them dull, lifeless, devoid of volume and brittle.