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The perfect essential oils for your oily hair

Maybe it can be a contradiction because when we talk about oil and greasy hair, there is something that does not fit. Surely if you have this condition in your hair, you will run away from the idea of oils. Well, now you do not have to leave them behind since there are a number of them that will...

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How to make a homemade cream for dandruff

Dandruff can appear for various reasons, but what we do know is that it is a fungus. So, the different states of our body can also lead to the incentive. Hence, in seasons of stress, emotional changes or perspiration dandruff will be more intense. So today we are going to say goodbye with a homemade cream for dandruff.

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Four homemade masks for four hair problems

There are some hair problems that are common in many of us. From a dry tip to a frizzy or oily hair. Today we are going to talk to you about four natural masks that you can all do at home with some simple ingredients that will help you to finish with four habitual problems in the hair.

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Coconut oil for hair beauty tips

The coconut oil has become a natural product appreciated and used in beauty for its qualities and because it is not harmful to the skin or hair. That is why many users have appeared to give a simple bottle of coconut oil. This time we will see how to use coconut oil for hair, with the good news that...

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Banana mask for hair

The banana mask for hair has many benefits that you will discover today. Without a doubt, it is one of the best remedies that we can give to our hair. Because we do not realize that with natural and homemade ingredients, we can also get the hair we want.

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How to fight dandruff on the scalp

Dandruff on the scalp may be due to several reasons. You may have dry scalp, but it is usually caused by a fungus that increases the production of flakes in the dermis, which break off and give rise to that dandruff we know. This is a complex problem that must be studied in each case. Because there may be...

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How to remove hair dandruff

It’s quite uncomfortable, look where you look. Removing dandruff from hair is not always a simple task and seeing it fall on the shoulders and on the clothes, less. So, it’s time to pay enough attention and eliminate it once and for all. Do you want to know how to get it?

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Benefits of rosemary for hair

The rosemary plant is considered a good natural remedy. It is an aromatic plant that has great properties for beauty, especially if we use it on hair. In addition to having great benefits, it is a remedy that does not have secondary problems, as it can happen with some cosmetics or treatments.