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How to get perfect and lasting curls

The girls that have wavy hair are lucky because we can wear the same hair that curly and both things tend to last a long time. However, it usually happens that we almost always want what we do not have, and we do not see the beauty of what we do have.

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Tips to keep curly hair in good condition

By all, it is known that who has straight hair wants curly and vice versa. But for those who have curly hair, we must say that it is one of the hairs with more personality and that they are lucky because this type of hair is also a trend. Whatever your hair, we should always think of all the...

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Haircuts trend in this 2019

As every year, new ideas are emerging on how to wear hair. New shades but also new haircuts that will be a trend this 2019. If you’re thinking of a great change of look, it may be time to make a different cut, and if you’ve never done it, you can try those that are less daring but just...

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How to care curly hair

Caring for curly hair does not have to be complicated. It is true that we must study each step because it is a type of hair that needs a lot of attention. Maybe because if we neglect a little and do not hydrate enough, then the frizz will appear in our lives without warning.

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How to give volume to curly hair

Giving volume to curly hair can help you see how your hair has more body. Because it does not indicate that by having curly hair, it already has that volume that we are looking for. All we have similar hair; we know that it is a great advantage when it comes to combing or doing some hairstyles.

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What I do with my hair, the best solutions!

It is true that we are never happy with our hair. Because if we have it very thin, we want to see it a little more dense or curly. While when we have curly hair, we always think about how we would have to have it straight. Well, if you ask yourself: What do I do with my hair!...

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Hairstyles for curly hair very easy

Because we know that curly hair is always one of the most suited to all types of hairstyles. Therefore, today we are going to see some of those that are carried out in a very simple and fast way. Two qualities that when they go together and in this of beauty, we love.

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Hairstyles for a job interview

When we go to a job interview there are many doubts that assail us. One of them is how we should dress and even how to fix our hair. Therefore, today we leave you with a perfect and current series of ideas about hairstyles for a job interview.

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The most beautiful curls hairstyles

When you have straight hair you want to curl and when you have curly hair you want to… curl! Okay, maybe once in a while a steep coup for the change, but let’s be honest: everyone wants curly hair! This article is an ode to the curl with no less than most beautiful curls of hairstyles to get inspiration...

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Afro hair: extra care for great results

It is the typical hair difficult to treat but which, if well taken care of, rewards you with softness and endless charm. In spite of what you might think, afro hair is very delicate and fragile. In fact, they have a thin structure that makes them easy to break and dehydrate. So, treating them with great care for softening...