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How to cover the hair root

The hair grows very fast and when we have gray hair or we have a dye on our hair that is of a very different shade. like a blonde on dark hair. We have the problem of the hair root. The root will stand out over the rest of the hair and this creates a sloppy effect that we...

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How to get perfect and lasting curls

The girls that have wavy hair are lucky because we can wear the same hair that curly and both things tend to last a long time. However, it usually happens that we almost always want what we do not have, and we do not see the beauty of what we do have.

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Tulle skirts a new trend

Did you think the tulle was dead? It’s probably because you’ve been watching us for the fashion weeks that have happened over the past few months. In these, we have not only seen it on the official catwalk but also in what we call the catwalk on the street.

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How to get thicker hair

Getting thicker hair is also possible if you follow a series of steps. Because sometimes fine hair is given as much by the passage of time as by stress problems, among many others. Hence, remedying them as soon as possible will be the best solution.

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Dyed blond hair and its necessary care

If you have dyed blond hair, you have to follow some basic steps for good care. Not only the hair, which is fundamental always but also the color itself. In this way, we will be covering two big points in hair care. Still, do not know where to start?


Hair man 2018: all the latest trends

The hipster is dead” someone has dared to say and the major magazines confirm it: it is time to say goodbye to the long and thick beards and hair trends of last season, to welcome significantly smaller lengths.

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Pink hair the color of spring 2018

The color that has conquered make-up, perfumes, and even the hairstyle … pink hair is absolutely the color of spring 2018. A positive shade, radiant and fresh that immediately makes us think of the beautiful season and to which the runways there they have already got used to it, reconfirming them even in the running season.


How to tell your hairdresser what color you want

Attentive!!! “People say they want one thing, but for a professional colorist those words can mean something else!” If you do not know exactly the exact color term you are looking for, it is better to show a picture! Because sometimes we can believe that it is called in a certain way and we are wrong. The idea that...