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How to care for straight hair

If you want to know how to take care of straight hair, today we show you the best ideas and tricks for it. Straight hair is one of the most beloved but also hated by all women. Perhaps because it allows us to wear numerous types of hairstyles and haircuts, with a very flattering result. But of course, it...

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How to care curly hair

Caring for curly hair does not have to be complicated. It is true that we must study each step because it is a type of hair that needs a lot of attention. Maybe because if we neglect a little and do not hydrate enough, then the frizz will appear in our lives without warning.

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Hair dyes application and care

The hair dyes are used by many women for different reasons. The dyes can change our hair color and that is why they can be used to cover the gray hair or simply to modify our style. Some people use hair dyes a lot and there are those who have only tried it once. They are products that carry...

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Dyed blond hair and its necessary care

If you have dyed blond hair, you have to follow some basic steps for good care. Not only the hair, which is fundamental always but also the color itself. In this way, we will be covering two big points in hair care. Still, do not know where to start?

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5 tips to protect your hair from the sun

We love to lie in the sun and enjoy the beautiful weather. We lubricate our arms, legs and the rest of our body well. But what about our hair? Do you protect your hair against the sun? We give you tips to protect your locks against the sun rays.