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Chocolate for hair its great benefits and how to apply it

Chocolate hair is one of the best ways to enjoy healthy hair. Because if we love to eat this sweet dish, the hair seems to receive it with open arms. In case we did not know, chocolate has endless benefits in beauty. In fact, chocolate therapy is one of the perfect treatments to care for the skin. Just missing...

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Salvia for hair

The natural cosmetics are increasingly gaining ground because it offers us incredible properties avoiding many substances that can be harmful or harmful to us. Sage is well known since Antiquity and it is a plant that has been used for its healing properties in the field of health. However, at present, it is known that they also have great...


How to use aloe vera for hair growth

As we know, aloe vera is one of the essentials in our beauty. It has multiple uses and all of them will leave us with an amazing result. So, today we will use it for hair growth. It is a plant with many qualities so, in this case, it would not be left behind.

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Aloe vera mask for hair

The aloe vera mask is a plant that has multiple uses in beauty, especially when it comes to skin care. However, it is also a good ingredient to take care of our hair and give it the softness it needs. Aloe vera can be purchased in hundreds of products, natural gel or have the plant at home. The most...

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Hairstyles for curly hair very easy

Because we know that curly hair is always one of the most suited to all types of hairstyles. Therefore, today we are going to see some of those that are carried out in a very simple and fast way. Two qualities that when they go together and in this of beauty, we love.

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Wheat germ for hair

The germ of wheat is a product of great quality that offers great benefits, both for our health and for our beauty. The germ of wheat has vitamins, fats, fiber and a large number of minerals, which makes it great food. If we have it at home for this purpose, we must know that it can also be a...

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Why use the serum for hair

The serum has become a regular in our beauty routines, both for the skin and for the hair. This product that at first was used very little has made a hole in our lives thanks to the fact that we find cosmetics of this type with an infinite number of properties and adapted to each problem or type of...

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6 habits with which you make your hair fat

The annoying moment when you wake up and your hair is already fat, you’ve only washed it and today you can get back to work with the dry shampoo. You may not be aware of the following things that you do, which make your hair fat faster. That’s why we’re going to tell them to you!

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5 tips to protect your hair from the sun

We love to lie in the sun and enjoy the beautiful weather. We lubricate our arms, legs and the rest of our body well. But what about our hair? Do you protect your hair against the sun? We give you tips to protect your locks against the sun rays.

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10 solutions for lifeless hair

Do you recognize the moment? When you have been busy for over an hour with the hair dryer, curling iron, mousse, and hairspray, but unfortunately… within fifteen minutes it has already completely subsided. You want to prevent this from now on and that’s why we have ten solutions against your lifeless hair. You can read them below!