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How to lighten the hair to achieve a beautiful tone

There are many people who like lighter shades in their hair, either to have beautiful reflections or to completely change the tone of the hair. Starting from the base you have, you can always clarify the hair in various ways, with more or fewer degrees in the tones depending on the method you use.

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How to curl hair with braids

Curling hair with braids is a perfect way to get beautiful waves, without punishing hair. In this way, we can make numerous hairstyles, or leave hair loose to show off our most natural waves. Do you want to get curly hair in a short time?

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10 tips for a beautiful hair and healthy

To have beautiful hair, we need to get to the big tips. These tips put into practice by stylists, who do nothing but always worry about the health of our hair. There are many, it is true, but today we leave you with the 10 most important ones that you can put into practice.

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Homemade tricks to straighten hair

There are many people who want to have smooth and smooth hair. The curly and wavy hair is very beautiful, but every once in a while everyone wants to enjoy a change of style; hence methods to straighten hair are sought. Currently, there are many ways to straighten hair, although many of them can spoil hair fibers.