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How to use aloe vera to remove dandruff

As you probably know, aloe vera is one of the great and powerful remedies for our hair. Basic ingredients that will help us fight certain problems. One of them is dandruff. So today we propose you to know how to use aloe vera to remove dandruff, but always in a very simple and fast way. Because we do not...

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Home remedies to untangle hair

Untangling hair is not always one of the simplest tasks. But it is essential for it to look impeccable. So, if every time you have to comb your hair you see a challenge in it, we offer you perfect solutions. It is about some home remedies to untangle the hair.

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Aloe vera for hair loss

As we all know, there are ingredients that are basic and others, magical. So when we talk about aloe vera for hair loss, we should also talk about its many uses. But today we are going to focus on this one, which is no longer small. We always worry when our hair falls out excessively and it is not...

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Mask for oily hair

The oily hair is one of the most complicated there because if you have a tendency to produce much sebum will give us a lot of work, needing washes even daily. Who has the oily hair and also has the chance to have it fine, will always be struggling with this aspect of hair with little volume and dirty....

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How to grow hair in a few days

Grow hair. The truth is that miracles cannot be carried out, especially when it comes to growing hair. But it is true that being constant and following the steps that we leave you, you will see how your hair grows in a short time. We will start with a technique that we have tried and of course, it leaves...


How to use aloe vera for hair growth

As we know, aloe vera is one of the essentials in our beauty. It has multiple uses and all of them will leave us with an amazing result. So, today we will use it for hair growth. It is a plant with many qualities so, in this case, it would not be left behind.

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Hair loss causes and treatments

The hair loss can come from a variety of causes. It is clear that when we notice a major fall, we must look for the root of the problem so that the solution arrives rolled. It is not always easy, so today we tell you about the main causes of that fall that, in some months, may intensify.

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Remedies for oily hair

Oily hair is a big problem for those who have it because sometimes it is necessary to wash your hair daily to avoid it looking dirty and dull. There are some ways to improve the condition of the scalp so that it is not so greasy, although in the vast majority of cases it is a genetic condition that...