Summer hair clean: 10 tips and hairstyles

Disheveled ponytail, chignon or half collected, composed, braids and wet look. 10 ideas on how to wear their hair in the summer, to challenge and be nice and warm and sweat, in order.

The heat you know is not a great friend of order and perfect care of if. Makeup melts, sweat stain clothes and hair become unmanageable! But summer is also the time of year when it is nice to show off crops and hair accessories, and in winter you dare much less. We welcome with open arms the Sun therefore and see 10 anti-hot hairstyles which look good even when the thermometer marked the 30 degrees.

1. Means collected

There are those who like to keep their hair down even in the hot weather, to pick them up is not an option! So why not take advantage of a full half ponytail and pulled it, which besides being practice also functions as a mini-facelift of the look? If its day uses an elastic invisible if you refine it with a bright evening Swarovski buckle.

Jennifer Lopez has often the means collected both day and night: shows off her pretty face letting her hair down

2. Disheveled bun top

Never tires, is hyper-chic and practical, especially when it is hot and it is hard to keep loose hair and compounds. The beauty of a tousled chignon is that more “random” is better! In version carried high on top of the head and a few clumps that escape here and there gives a look impish and lively. Works well on the hair wavy or curly, why is voluminous and disheveled at the right point, but it is very nice even on hair stringy. “Soft” faces like oval; round and Diamond benefit much because it runs on face stretching it visually.

The actress Tallia Storm with a “messy bun” fresh and rakish

3. Compound low chignon

She’s the Queen of the chignon Meghan Markle, I wore a simple and ultra-refined even for her marriage to Harry. Copy it from you. The middle row with two strands that fall on the sides of the face and low placement make it suitable for any occasion, from casual to formal and elegant. Is the ideal crop if your face is very smooth with the defined jaw like Meghan.

Meghan Markle with his favorite crop. The chignon simple but nice to look effortlessly chic “.

4. Wet look with short hair

Hair problem when it’s hot is that moisture makes them woolly and formless, especially with smooth styling. If you wear your hair short, an optimal solution and very sophisticated to work around this problem, you pull them back with gel fix them well to the skin for a wet look effect from the red carpet! If you like the androgynous style this is the perfect combination of convenience, style, and personality.

The perfection of the face of Scarlett Johansson highlighted by a wet look done to perfection

5. Wet look with medium length hair

The wet look is perfect on short hair, but also about half lengths have its way! Styling should not be perfectly smooth; it can also be slightly moved or turned on the tips. If you worked with a wax, foam or gel wet effect keeps fluffiness and annoying Nicoletti on his forehead they form which because of sweat. With this styling, the hair can become dry, avoiding the blow dryer and then worked just with your hands.

Gigi Hadid sophisticated with a simple modern wet look that brings out her face

6. Side Braid

It makes a line of side and then weaves your hair into a sleek side braid that falls on their shoulders. In this way, the hair does not come into contact with the sweat of the neck and you not, and it remains in order for all day. That styling is sharper or softer does not matter. This hairstyle fits all and summer is a comfortable compromise, sober and feminine.

Singer Bonnie Ryan with a romantic and delicate side braid

7. French braid

Are you planning a long weekend awaiting any real vacation? Then why not opt for a French braided harvest that lasts exactly 2 days of the weekend? Of course, it takes skill to know how to do it alone, but you can always go to the hairdresser to make you do professionally. The great thing about this hairstyle is that you can sleep over (if it breaks up a bit is even better!) and that for a weekend at the beach is perfection. You forget to have long hair and at the same time, you’ll have an air pillow were the “boho-chic”!

Kasia Smutniak embedded braid on his head with”French” for a look boho chic

8. High ponytail

If you have long hair in the ponytail has a charm all of its own. Beautiful long wavy and curly hair stringy highlights the face and eyes is sexy and has the Flash power to rejuvenate.

Kim Kardashian with sexy ponytails inversion move

9. Low ponytail with the central line

Than jaunty, and sexy, low ponytail with the middle row is more elegant and understated. On the head is kneaded with wax or gel because the middle line is clear and precise and the hair does not come out rebels Tufts. The good is its perfection and his being “graphics”. Always remember to bring the foliage on the shoulder, because the queue is visible in its entirety.

The actress Laura Lee beautiful with a low ponytail, smooth and with the central line

10. Collected with sash

There are those days where just no, the hair does not want to stay in their place. And then the fastest (and chic!) is to collect them to wrap them in a headband or turban. Gather the hair without giving it a particular form and be careful with styling you can just finish the look with one of these accessories. Which makes it immediately more researched and edited.

Eva Mendes style turbans and sashes, 50, wearing them very often

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