Short haircuts that always create a trend

The short hairstyles are always going to create a trend. Because despite the fact that long hair also takes a lot, the short has positioned itself as one of the favorites. Maybe because it usually looks good with different types of faces or because it is one of the most comfortable styles we can adopt.

That is why short haircuts are always a safe bet. As Coco Chanel said, when we cut our hair, something is going to change in our lives. One point and another to start this New Year in the best possible way. Do you aim for short hair?

Short hairstyles, garcon style

This haircut has been defined as one of the most stylish. It is about wearing a masculine air but that brings ambiguity, playing with a role of the most seductive. In this case, it is about wearing the hair short, more by the back of the head, since the part of the fringe and upper allows us to take it a little longer. This will make it much more versatile when it comes to creating new hairstyles and styles. We can take bangs forward, side or, opt for a toupee. If you have an oval-shaped face with not too marked features, then it will be one of your star hairstyles.Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

There are many people who can confuse him with the previous one. But no, in this case, it must be said that the Pixie has the same garcon base but the first has the shortest fringe. So we will be before a hair cut shorter but not for that, with less volume. If the fringe is smaller, we can always give a little volume to the top of the head with the rest of the strands. Sometimes we have also seen some modification of this style that consists of leaving a bit longer and we will comb it to one side. The garcon allowed us a denser fringe of similar length.Boyish Court

Boyish Court

It is complicated to define it and it does not resemble slightly the previous ones. But it is also true that it has come to stay in our lives. So, we will have to know a little more about another of the short haircuts that cause a great revolution. In this case, there is a combination of the fashion of the 20s where the hairstyle was somewhat disheveled. Hence, we have to talk about asymmetric cuts, which we like so much. In the area of the neck, it is shorter and the form of ‘V’ is pronounced.

Leaving this way, the front or upper area with a little more hair. It can be said of him that he adds the most rebellious touch to the most casual styles. Once you have this cut, it is true that you can mold it to your own style, but it is usual to see it with a short fringe, on round faces. For ovals, the best thing is the fringe cocked or blunt. Also for the triangular face, you can see short and with a little movement. There are options for all tastes!Layered haircut

Layered haircut

If you want movement and a little volume in your hair, you can cut it into layers. It does not need to be a cut too short, but you can leave a tiny mane. It can only pass slightly lower than the ears, but it is true that with that length, we can consider it as another short haircut that creates more trends. It has been taken by Jennifer Lawrence, for example, and she let him see it with light waves. Which of them do you like the most?

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