Short haircuts

Short haircuts ideas for your hair based on your face shape

The trendiest images for short haircuts innovative and ultra-glam style. To “do type”, remaining feminine. Smooth, curly, or wavy: any hair texture can find its size in the short haircut. You only need to be guided by your hairstylist, who will be able to advise which model enhances your face.

In recent seasons, short haircuts are increasingly designed to be easy to wear. Women have less time to devote to styling, and those who propose the collections know this well.

Hence the tendency to think first of all of the practicality and then of aesthetics in the strict sense. The goal is precisely to meet the changing needs of women.

Hair must be in the place alone. Whether you dry them with a hairdryer or leave them to dry in the open air.

If there is time for the modeling gel or wax to be well, but it does not have to be a diktat imposed by short haircuts… beautiful only in the salon, after being accepted by the hairdresser.

How do I choose the shortcut?

The secret is to point to cuts that emphasize the features, such as those with lightened toes and volumes dosed around the perimeter of the head.

The characteristic of these enhancing cuts is the fact of being dynamic: they adapt to the face creating a whole with it, but at the same time allow you to change appearance simply by moving the strands with a few gestures.

The graphic shapes with which we cut the hair, for example, allow you to bring the tuft as you want: on the side for an ultra-glam effect, in bon ton style or fired up to feel a bit ‘rock.

The soft volumes, instead, make the hair airy, an aspect to keep in mind to remain feminine, despite the short hair.

In the gallery above, look at the pictures of modern but practical cuts.

A cut for each face

To make sure you do not make a mistake, choose it according to the shape of your face. How to locate it? Comb the hair all backward, leaving the face uncovered.

Position yourself so in front of the mirror. So you can see at a glance if your oval is round, square, triangular, or stretched. And you’ll have more tools to ask your hairdresser to cut you.

If you have a round face

The cut called “pixie” suits you: it is a mini pocket case climbed in such a way as to seem the cut of an elf (do you remember the funny mythological figures of fairy tales?).

It should be lightly pulled along the lengths, and never cut into the bowl.

If you then ask for a side tuft that gently rests on the forehead, it creates an oblique line on the face. The result is a more “lean” face.

If you have a square face

They should soften the features and slightly slimmer since your face is basically broad. The right short haircuts are the disordered cuts that stop at the height of the jaw (which is indeed squared).

Better to aim at soft and wavy lines rather than rigorous and geometric cuts with ultra-smooth styling.

If you have a triangular face

Pronounced cheekbones, high forehead and small, almost pointed chin, to draw an overturned heart.

A face with this shape is enhanced by a cut that covers the forehead and stops at the chin, never shorter. Perfect all the both smooth and wavy and all types of fringes.

If you have a long face

In this case, the purpose of the short haircuts is to make the faceless long. To get it, the hair should never be too short, because paradoxically they will make the face look longer.

The ideal cuts are medium-short, therefore, under the chin, better if asymmetric. The fringe breaks the face even more. The perfect styling is rough and voluminous.

The need is to shorten and widen, so we ban the straight cuts too short and space to medium-short and voluminous cuts.

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