Short hair with bangs

The short hair with bangs is one of the trends setting hairstyles. Because, although long hair is always timeless, shorter hair has been imposed for many reasons. One of them is because it is much more comfortable but at the same time, flattering, as we will see now.

But it is that within what we know as short hair with bangs, we will have variants for all types of faces and tastes. So, sure you also find yours depending on them and of course, the type of face you have. Do you want to know which will be the perfect one for you?

Short hair with open bangs and disheveled

The medium hair is one of the hairstyles that we are seeing the most. Since the cut Bob was installed in our life, we have been carried away by him and all his great versions. Therefore, if it is your case and you have your hair cut in this way, the fringe is also waiting to accompany you.

Therefore, you can let yourself be carried by a type of bangs not too dense but a little open, without completely covering your forehead.

It will be perfect for the square face but taking into account that the best thing is that said fringe is a little longer on the sides. Give a touch of volume on the top of the head and you’ll be perfect to succeed.Very short hair

Very short hair with broad bangs and slightly lopsided

As we all know, short hair is also a good option to make a radical change to our features. Yes, we are talking about short, short hair. But yes, letting the upper part of the head also have a little volume. In the same way that the finish will be accompanied by a fringe to the side. Making the face also has a light volume and a flattering finish. It can be perfect for more round faces.

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Perfect bangs for the oval face

The oval face has those dimensions so perfect that the vast majority of hairstyles will sit well. Therefore, in this case, we can also opt for a wide and dense fringe but to the side. Although if it does not convince you and you want to give it a more original touch, you can also cut a straight but shorter fringe, that is, leave your eyebrows insight. In this way, you can accompany it with a fairly short cut of the hair and give a disheveled effect on the top of the head.short hair

The banded fringe for a short hair

A half mane, at the height of the ears and a fringe, can be a great combination. As we are seeing, there are many combinations that we can find. In such a way that we make sure that among them, it will be the one that best suits us.

For this reason, we wanted to highlight this one that is very youthful and flattering. Wear short hair and fringed hair, that is, uneven. With a slight length on both sides, which will be a perfect idea if you have a heart-type face?

The long bangs

If there is a style that we also love and that has been famous, it is the long bangs. In this case, to make it more colorful, it is also perfect with very short hair on the back. Since in the upper one, we will find the longest hair and we will comb to the side.

Thanks to this, we can create endless hairstyles. You can leave it loose, make a toupee or, add some kind of accessories that complete the style you have chosen. Different options for different people, depending on your tastes or well, on your face.

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